New ICCT Certification: IBM Cloud DevSecOps Specialty

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A new certification from the IBM Center for Cloud Training will help you learn to integrate security into the software development and deployment process.

It is vitally important to integrate security into DevOps for the cloud — creating a modern DevSecOps cycle — rather than applying it as a separate process. Central to the DevSecOps role is the seamless deployment of cloud-native applications that integrate security within the delivery pipeline.

It is also critical to learn to use tools for security testing, development tracking and software monitoring to ensure the entire DevSecOps process is effective and transparent.

Get started with the IBM Cloud DevSecOps Specialty curriculum

In the new IBM Cloud DevSecOps Specialty curriculum and certification from the IBM Center for Cloud Training (ICCT), you will learn how to adopt DevSecOps practices, technologies and toolchains. You will also explore how to overcome organizational barriers to adoption and how to realize the business benefits of DevSecOps.

Importantly, you also will learn how to advise stakeholders —from your Chief Security Officer to your developers, architects and testers — on using DevSecOps to build and run a more secure cloud.

The curriculum takes 12 to 14 hours and is recommended for candidates with a background in cloud development and experience in security policies and practices.

An ICCT certification in any role, preferably at the professional level, is a prerequisite for this specialty certification.

To learn more, visit the IBM Center for Cloud Training. 

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