New Features in IBM Cloud Foundry Enterprise Environment v5.0.0

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We've released v5.0 of the IBM Cloud Foundry Enterprise Environment (CFEE), and there are some great new features and capabilities now available. This post will highlight some of them below.

CFEE in your own Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

You can now provision an IBM Cloud Foundry Enterprise Environment into an existing IBM Cloud Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). A VPC allows you to create your own space in the IBM Cloud to run an isolated environment within the public cloud, and it gives you the security of a private cloud, with the agility and ease of a public cloud. IBM Cloud Foundry Enterprise Environment fully utilizes this capability and allows you to host your applications with the highest level of network security and isolation possible. If you are not familiar with IBM's Virtual Private Cloud offerings, see the documentation to learn more and follow the instructions to get started.

Integration with IBM Cloud Activity Tracker with LogDNA

The auditing and logging capabilities allow administrators to audit events taking place in a CFEE instance and developers to track log events generated from their Cloud Foundry applications. Auditing and logging in CFEE are supported through integration with the Activity Tracker and LogDNA services instantiated in the IBM Cloud. Activity Tracker with LogDNA has replaced the original Activity Tracker service, which is now fully deprecated. Configuring a new Activity Tracker with LogDNA instance requires CFEE version 5.0.0 or later. See the details in the documentation.

Continuous testing of important CF APIs

This testing capability is a part of the monitoring solution which allows for the analysis of Cloud Foundry CLI calls. The goal is to have a detailed and timed analysis of all process steps and REST calls that are executed during a single Cloud Foundry CLI command, such as cf push, cf buildpacks, etc. The tool works as a Cloud Foundry CLI wrapper and examines the resulting trace. It produces detailed metrics that can be used for problem determination, alerting, and visualization. It comes with a set of default execution options when deployed, but allows configuration to tune it to your specific environment.

Cloud Foundry version updated

Cloud Foundry has been updated to cf-deployment 7.11. Please see the Cloud Foundry Release Notes for information on changes in Cloud Foundry. As CFEE gets a version of Cloud Foundry from SUSE SCF, see also the relevant SCF Release Notes.

Note: There are important notes and limitations regarding this release; please see the documentation for more information.

Getting started with CFEE v5.0

To get started with this release of IBM Cloud Foundry Enterprise Environment (CFEE), you can deploy a new Cloud Foundry Enterprise Environment

If you already have one, you can upgrade your environment to this version by going to the Updates and Scaling page in the Cloud Foundry Enterprise's user interface and clicking Update.

Consult the release notes and the documentation for details on how to use all these new features.

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