IBM Announces Availability of Netezza Performance Server as-a-Service on Microsoft Azure

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The cloud data warehouse with the power, simplicity and sophistication for analytic insights at scale when you need it.

We are proud to announce the immediate general availability of IBM Netezza Performance Server (Netezza) as a Fully Managed Service on Microsoft Azure. A flexible, self-service deployment optimized for performance and featuring a predictable cost profile, the fully managed Netezza cloud data warehouse service is IBM’s modern enterprise data warehouse for actionable insights.

Built on an open and extensible cloud-native AI platform powered by Red Hat OpenShift, IBM Netezza Performance Server for IBM Cloud Pak for Data as-a-Service modernizes how businesses store and analyze their enterprise data.

Customer-hardened and proven, the fully managed Netezza allows you to spend more time innovating with zero management. It offers the most performant, scalable and sophisticated modern cloud warehouse, with as-a-service capabilities:

  • Ultimate control with granular elastic scaling: Incrementally scale compute independent of storage, as needed. Select the performance characteristics that best meet your workload requirement for the data capacity and pay for only what you need.
  • No awkward pauses: Manage consumption with automated or scheduled pause and resume. Spin up the Netezza data warehouse only when needed (or on your schedule) to consume only when and what’s required.
  • Predictable price and performance: Achieve faster insight and faster time to value with vastly superior price-performance. Take advantage of an hourly credit consumption model, with no overcharges or over-provisioned t-shirt sizes. Netezza scales with you to match your business needs.
  • Simplicity: Load and go — it’s that simple. Netezza requires no indexing or tuning; just decide how fast you want to go and how much data you need while accessing data from any cloud and any object store. Experience risk-free frictionless upgrades with a single Netezza command.
  • Sophistication: Execute machine learning models at scale for predictive and prescriptive analysis. Accelerate your data science initiatives with Netezza’s in-database analytics and mature support for in-place machine learning model execution.

Take the Netezza test drive

Netezza is often imitated, but it has never been equaled. Experience granular scalability, simplicity and performance with a sophisticated cloud data warehouse. Talk to your IBM representative today or schedule a free consultation with a Netezza expert to try out the fully managed Netezza Performance Server on Azure. For additional information, you can also visit our Netezza website.

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