Netezza is Coming to Cloud

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Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Netezza consistently proves this by setting the standard for simplicity of use in enterprise data warehousing and analytics.

For years, others have tried to emulate Netezza’s elegance, simplicity, and speed. None have matched.

Over time, our customers have fallen in love with Netezza’s ease of use, its ability to linearly scale on performance, its deep-rooted analytics stack, and its “things just work” mentality.

For all those Netezza fanatics—and the soon to be converted—we have a huge announcement for you today:

Netezza Performance Server on the Cloud will be available on IBM Cloud and Amazon Web Services starting June 19, 2020. This development marks a significant departure from our prior releases because customers will now have a choice of where they want to deploy their data warehouse—on cloud, on-premises with the hyperconverged IBM Cloud Pak for Data System, or both.

The same great Netezza features you’ve come to expect on-premises are there on the cloud—simplicity, elegant design, ease of use, and linear scale. It’s still running on top of the same asymmetric massively parallel processing architecture (AMPP) that’s been powering your analytics workloads for years. And, best of all, it’s the same Netezza database engine—running on the cloud—delivered through a highly modular and extensible cloud native Data and AI platform. We call this platform Cloud Pak for Data.

What can you expect from your Netezza on the cloud?

For our existing Netezza customers, it’s business as usual. Same great database engine, same simple lift and shift to the cloud (nz_migrate or backup/restore), and same support for third-party tools that you’ve grown to love using with Netezza.

We’re going to have a lot more to say in the coming weeks and months. For the time being, read our extensive blog on the IBM Big Data Hub. Or, if you can’t wait, talk to one of our Netezza experts today to learn more.

We’re extremely excited to have Netezza back, and we know you’re excited too. Let’s get to work.

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