Navigating Cloud Data Increases Without Breaking Your Budget

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AIOps and log management efficiently translate high volumes of cloud data into insights.

It’s no secret that as enterprises move to cloud architecture, operations and security data increase on an unprecedented scale. By turning to tools like IBM’s Watson AIOps and Humio, business leaders take a crucial step forward in managing data, organizing it and even providing management suggestions for follow-up courses of action.

Given access to IT operations data like logs and performance metrics, artificial intelligence (AI) models in AIOps can translate data into actionable insights and alerts delivered through chatbots and end-user tools that enable decision makers to act upon emerging issues and prevent outages. Optimized AI mitigates performance and security issues in real time and delivers immediate results.

However, as cloud data volumes grow and infrastructure costs increase, rising budget concerns can reduce the effectiveness of AI. If users are financially constrained by how much data they can collect and store, they can also be limited by the quality of results from their AI tools and how well the data actually represents the historical and current state of their business applications. Efficient data collection and organization is key.

Integrating Watson AIOps and Humio

In order to meet these pressures head on, IBM has integrated its Watson AIOps services with the highly efficient Humio log management platform. Purpose-built to include compression technology at every step of data processing, Humio provides a means to cut infrastructure costs and to provide virtually unlimited real-time access to data from cloud environments.

Humio’s unique index-free design and compression enable it to return queries in seconds that would take minutes on traditional log management platforms. Humio outperforms solutions that index data at the point of ingestion, slowing down processing and limiting the ability to query data in real time. While traditional log management platforms compress data by 1-2x on average, Humio compresses by up to 15x, resulting in lower storage and data transfer costs.

Out of the box, IBM and Humio provide a means to make sense of microservices, application and cloud data. They reduce costly labor hours managing and building systems while providing a single control plane for apps and infrastructure that is responsive and affordable.

Register for the workshop to learn more

Find out how Humio and IBM work together to deliver the needs of users in cloud-based technologies by attending the workshop: Digital transformation: Did you forget your log management platform?

Hosted by Salil Ahuja, Director of Watson AIOps, and Craig Vitter, Director of Global Presales at Humio, the workshop will draw the connection between log management efficiency and AI performance and explain the architecture behind Humio’s real-time speed.

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