Moving Forward: IBM Cloud Foundry Enterprise Environment Running on Red Hat OpenShift

1 min read

At IBM, we have always been a strong advocate of a simple and robust developer experience that enables rapid cloud-native development and application delivery.

We have built our cloud strategy around Kubernetes and Red Hat OpenShift to give clients the world’s best hybrid multicloud platform. We have been a long-time provider of Cloud Foundry (CF) and have been working within the CF community to enable Cloud Foundry to run natively on the Kubernetes platform.

As clients are adopting Red Hat OpenShift as their cloud-native platform across hybrid multicloud environments, we see a clear demand from existing Cloud Foundry users—they want to run these applications on top of their core Kubernetes platform, Red Hat OpenShift. This lets them protect the investments they have made today while they develop their future strategies to fully leverage the capabilities of enterprise Kubernetes.

Making use of the Eirini project, which enables Cloud Foundry to use Kubernetes as its container orchestrator, IBM recently demonstrated the ability to run our IBM Cloud Foundry Enterprise Environment (a single-tenant, isolated Cloud Foundry offering on IBM Cloud) on top of Red Hat OpenShift at Cloud Foundry Summit Europe.

While just a technology demonstration right now, what is especially exciting is that this new deployment capability for IBM Cloud Foundry Enterprise Environment will help customers to quickly and easily deliver and run their existing Cloud Foundry applications on the same OpenShift platform that enables their overall hybrid multicloud strategy.

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