Introducing "Preview" Versions and PostgreSQL 11

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For Databases for PostgreSQL, etcd, MongoDB, Redis, Elasticsearch, and Messages for RabbitMQ, we will now be making “Preview” versions available alongside the availability of PostgreSQL 11.

“Preview” database versions are released for a limited time to try available functionality. Often it is the newest available version available from the database project maintainers in preparation for making it the “Preferred” version. While deployable, preview versions might not be suitable for production, as they are excluded from service-level agreements and support. You can refer to our documentation for more details.

Databases for PostgreSQL on the IBM Cloud now supports Postgres 11. After September 5th, this will become the “Preferred” version provisioned for Databases for PostgreSQL if no specific major version is specified.

Postgres 11 includes improvements to parallelism and partitioning while introducing Stored Procedures and Just in Time compilation. You can learn more here.

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