Introducing Badges to IBM Cloud Certification

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The IBM Center for Cloud Training (ICCT) now offers badges to complement its certification training program.

With the new badge program from the IBM Center for Cloud Training (ICCT), you can demonstrate your growing expertise by receiving badges at multiple steps in the training process — as well as with professional certification when you complete a program.  

Earn the recognition that’s right for you

ICCT now offers industry-recognized badges en route to certification:

  • In each role-based area, participants can earn up to two badges by taking badge quizzes after reaching defined milestones in the curriculum.
  • In each technology and business specialty, participants can earn one badge by taking a badge quiz.

Badges are digital credentials that prove a professional has attained a particular level of learning in their chosen cloud curriculum. Earning a badge can be a steppingstone on the path to earning a professional certification.

Professional certifications are earned not only by completing the coursework, but by passing tests that are delivered in a third-party proctored environment.

ICCT has the programs you need

The IBM Center for Cloud Training offers self-paced IBM Cloud training programs with hands-on exercises led by subject-matter experts that can lead to role-based certifications. For professionals looking to prove their knowledge and skills in the most in-demand cloud job roles, earning their badges is another way to validate their skills and knowledge levels and help them demonstrate expertise to employers and colleagues.

Like all ICCT training, the badge program is open without charge to any professional, both inside and outside of IBM. In order to receive a badge and verify its completion, participants must have a Credly account. Professionals then can display the badges and certifications they earn on websites, social media, resumes and email signatures — proving to employers, peers, clients and partners that they have the most in-demand IBM Cloud skills and knowledge.

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