Increase Observability by Using IBM Cloud Monitoring with Sysdig

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Introducing IBM Cloud Monitoring with Sysdig

IBM Cloud is excited to announce IBM Cloud Monitoring with Sysdig, a fully managed enterprise-grade monitoring service for application visibility, alerting, and troubleshooting. IBM Cloud Monitoring with Sysdig is used by enterprise development and IT teams that build, ship, and run business-critical applications at scale.

The evolution of the standard application stack over the past 15 years.

The evolution of the standard application stack over the past 15 years.


As the complexity of cloud architecture increases, your organization faces new challenges when monitoring applications, services, and the cloud infrastructure itself. As a result, your use of traditional monitoring tools is not enough. Furthermore, how quickly can your DevOps teams identify and resolve problems with traditional monitoring methods? What happens as the number of hosts and applications grow exponentially over time and the infrastructure becomes too complex to manage?

Your organization expects around the clock availability, and IBM Cloud Monitoring with Sysdig can help address all of these challenges.

IBM partners with Sysdig on a new exciting monitoring journey

A leader in the industry, Sysdig is among the top 10 container startups that are driving innovation and delivering enterprise-ready solutions for deploying cloud-native applications at scale.

IBM Cloud Monitoring with Sysdig is powered by Sysdig in partnership with IBM. Together, IBM and Sysdig are launching this new offering that provides exciting end-to-end monitoring capabilities in the IBM Cloud. Cloud Monitoring with Sysdig offers a number of exciting capabilities:

  • Accelerate the diagnosis and resolution of performance incidents.

  • Control the cost of your monitoring infrastructure.

  • Explore and visualize easily your entire environment.

  • Get critical Kubernetes and container insights for dynamic microservice monitoring.

  • Mitigate the impact of abnormal situations with proactive notifications.

  • Manage your users and group them into teams so that you can control access to data.

  • Troubleshoot your applications and infrastructure.

IBM Cloud Monitoring with Sysdig gives you deep container visibility, service-oriented views, and comprehensive metrics to help you find threats and eliminate problems effectively and efficiently.

Simplify discovery and metric collection

Use IBM Cloud Monitoring with Sysdig to dynamically discover your applications, containers, hosts, networks, and custom metrics. You can also integrate with Prometheus, JMX, and statsD to gain insight into complex environments. After you deploy a Sysdig agent on a host, the agent automatically collects and reports on a wide array of metrics, labels, and events. Also, you can extend the versatility of the data by defining custom metrics and user-defined labels.

Build robust dashboards

Build robust dashboards

Monitor the health of your cloud environment by using dashboards. Each dashboard consists of a series of panels that are configured to display specific data in various formats:

  • Use predefined dashboards to get up and running.

  • Customize your own dashboards to monitor your infrastructure, applications, and metrics.

  • Store and share your dashboards in a single location.

Explore your entire infrastructure

The Sysdig Monitor web interface centers around the Explore module, which displays content on a per-suer, per-team basis. Users will do the majority of their infrastructure monitoring here, but there are many other modules that are provided, such as the Events module and the Alerts module.

Proactively alert to enable faster responses

Are you worried about downtime? Would you like to have time to act before you hit an out of memory problem with any of your applications? Are you concerned about potential anomalies?

Alerts form the framework for Sysdig’s monitoring capabilities, notifying users when an event/issue occurs that requires their attention. The Alerts module displays a complete list of all existing alerts and provides create/edit functionality for users to create their own alerts (or modify existing ones) to tailor the monitoring facility to the infrastructure’s particular needs.

Proactively alert to enable faster responses

Get a handle on problems before they impact operations:

  • Configure alerts with IBM Cloud Monitoring with Sysdig.

  • Enable proactive notifications about metrics and events.

  • Classify your alerts based on severity.

  • Notify by using a broad range of notification channels, including email, PagerDuty, Slack, VictorOps, OpsGenie, and webhook.

  • Monitor your alerts by using the Alerts module.

Launch your journey today with IBM Cloud Monitoring with Sysdig

Try out this new offering that is available today in Dallas (US-South) as a multi-zone region deployment and witness how easy it is to get started monitoring. Once you provision a resource instance in the IBM Cloud and deploy a Sysdig agent in a metrics source, collection and forwarding of metrics to the instance is automatic. The IBM Cloud Monitoring with Sysdig agent automatically collects and reports on pre-defined metrics, however, you can configure which metrics to monitor in an environment.

Launch your journey today with IBM Cloud Monitoring with Sysdig

Create an IBM Cloud account to access IBM Cloud Monitoring with Sysdig through the Observability dashboard within the IBM Cloud console.

Check out the new service and all its features, free of cost for 30 days, by using the Trial service plan.

If you don’t have an account yet, but want to learn more, visit our IBM Cloud Monitoring documentation for more information, as well as tutorials to help get you started today.

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