Improvements to Your Email and Notifications Experience

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The IBM Cloud emails and notifications team is proud to release a number of enhancements to your email and notifications experience. 

We're excited to announce a number of enhancements to notifications in IBM Cloud.

New notification preferences UI

First, let's talk about the biggest update — the UI for managing your notification preferences has been completely redesigned. From the new Notification preferences page, your preferences for receiving platform notifications — which include announcements, billing and spending notifications — are organized separately from the preferences you can set for resource-related notifications — incidents, security bulletins, maintenance, resource activity, etc. 

we have completely redesigned your email preferences UI.

New email designs

Next up, we have improved our email designs dramatically. Your announcements will now be delivered using brand new email designs that are optimized to give you relevant information quickly. They look great no matter where you are viewing them — whether on desktop or mobile:


New updates behavior

We are introducing the ability to receive a single initial email per incident or maintenance event and then subscribe for updates from that email's footer if you think they are relevant. Of course, you will still see all updates on the console UI itself, and you can always choose to continue to receive all updates about all incidents or maintenance events from the relevant section on the email preferences page. But, as a top-requested improvement, we are excited to finally deliver this feature to you.


Subscribe to event updates from the Status page

Finally, you can now also subscribe to get updates about on-going events directly from your status page. Just click on the envelope icon on any confirmed incident you see on the Status page to subscribe to updates about it. 



Please let us know what you think of these changes by clicking on the Feedback button on the new email preferences UI or reaching out to our Offering Manager directly on Twitter: @ketcomp.

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