IBM WebSphere 2030 Support Announcement

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Extending stability and support for v8.5.5 and 9.0.5.

This spring, IBM announced that it would provide standard support for IBM WebSphere® Application Server through at least 2030. This announcement comes as part of a broader initiative to help enable digital transformation in large enterprises.

Below, you’ll find answers to our most commonly asked questions along with some details about the announcement. At the highest level, there are two takeaways: IBM WebSphere isn’t going anywhere, and when you’re ready to start your application transformation, IBM recommends using IBM WebSphere Hybrid Edition, which includes IBM WebSphere and a variety of modernization tools.

You can also read our team’s 100-word summary of the announcement.

Why 2030?

We know that our clients rely on WebSphere for mission-critical business operations. We also know that digital transformation journeys can take a long time—in some cases, up to 10 years. We want to make sure you have the stability and support you need to keep running your business as you plan your future.

You can listen to this clip from our THINK session to get the details straight from our product team.

What versions of WebSphere does this cover?

Our 2030 support roadmap is for WebSphere versions 8.5.5 and 9.0.5 with IBM Java Development Kit (JDK) 8.

This announcement supersedes all other support timelines for 8.5.5 and 9.0.5.

Note: You can read this blog to learn more about version 9.0.5.

What editions of WebSphere does this cover?

This announcement is specifically for IBM WebSphere Application Server and IBM WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment.

If you’re looking for more information about other editions, you’ll find dedicated pages for IBM WebSphere Liberty and IBM WebSphere MQ (which is now IBM MQ).  

Is this an end-of-support announcement?

No, this is not an end-of-support announcement. IBM has not made a decision about an end-of-support date for 8.5.5 or 9.0.5; we just know that it won’t be any earlier than 2030.

Is WebSphere version 10 on the way?

At this time, we do not plan to release a WAS v10. There are two reasons behind this decision.

First, releasing a new version of WebSphere would require a significant migration effort on your part. It seems like most people are eager for a version 10 simply to have the comfort of the longer support window. However, the two do not have to go hand-in-hand. We know that our customers already have many projects in motion (including application modernization projects), and they are generally not eager to add another. Because of this, we have chosen to extend the support on our current versions (8.5.5 and 9.0.5) without releasing a new version. 

Second, our traditional WebSphere runtime is not designed for cloud native programming models. Though there is still a great need for WebSphere as it is, many of our customers have told us that they are exploring the options for cloud native development. Cloud native applications need containerization, a small memory footprint, fast startup time and easy integration to CI/CD pipelines. The traditional WebSphere runtime is not well suited for these types of applications. Instead, we recommend that you move toward containers with IBM WebSphere Liberty or Open Liberty.

What are the main takeaways for WebSphere customers?

If you’re on v8.5.5, there’s no need to migrate to 9.0.5. We’ll continue to provide security fixes and support for both versions through at least 2030.

If you’re on 9.0.5, you’re on the latest version, and you’ll have security fixes and support through at least 2030.

No matter which version you’re on, we recommend that you consider expanding to IBM WebSphere Hybrid Edition as you continue with your digital transformation strategy. Through IBM WebSphere Hybrid Edition, you’ll have entitlements to IBM WebSphere Application Server, IBM WebSphere Liberty, IBM WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment, IBM Transformation Advisor, IBM Mono2Micro, and IBM Cloud Foundry Migration Runtime. This combination will set your company up to maximize your ROI.

Where can I find more information?

Read about our support roadmap in greater detail.

Learn more about IBM WebSphere Application Server.

Learn more about IBM WebSphere Liberty.

Learn more about IBM WebSphere Hybrid Edition.

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