IBM Watson Annotator for Clinical Data Is Now Generally Available

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Explore healthcare insights from unstructured data with this new service on IBM Cloud.

The practice of medicine is intertwined with patient data that allows doctors and nurses to diagnose illnesses. What symptoms does a patient have, and how does a healthcare worker describe a set of symptoms for others to treat? In today’s globalized world, the treatment can even be carried out by doctors and nurses on the other side of the globe.

IBM Watson Annotator for Clinical Data—now generally available on IBM Cloud—delivers natural language processing (NLP) that is tailored for healthcare and life sciences and designed to enable organizations to utilize insights derived from unstructured text. 

The medical domain NLP service features a variety of annotators for detecting metadata (such as entities, concepts, concept values, negated spans, hypothetical spans) and a collection of annotators that detect, normalize, and code medical and social findings from unstructured clinical data. Multiple annotators can be employed to analyze unstructured data from a single request.

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Clinical insights provide critical context to improve usability of annotations

The volume of annotations returned by health natural language processing can be overwhelming, and only a fraction of those annotations may be relevant to the clinical question at hand. The clinical insights feature is a ready-to-use annotation capability within Watson Annotator for Clinical Data that provides critical contextual information for problems, procedures, and medications identified in the text. 

For example, this context enables the user to differentiate a patient's problem list from their family history, procedures performed therapeutically from those performed diagnostically, and medications taken from those mentioned hypothetically.

Navigational search to derive COVID-19 insights

IBM Watson Annotator for Clinical Data powers the COVID-19 Navigator—an NLP search aid to help researchers derive insights from data related to COVID-19—drawing from thousands of articles, studies, trials, and patents that may be pertinent for research. Using Watson Annotator for Clinical Data, IBM pre-enriched the corpus by drawing from the more than 10 million terms in the Unified Medical Language System (UMLS®).

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