IBM Voice Agent with Watson Is Now Beta

2 min read

With IBM® Voice Agent with Watson™ beta service, you can create a cognitive voice agent built on Watson services that customers can call and speak to over the phone.

With Watson artificial intelligence at its backbone, your voice agent can communicate in a conversational manner, handling complex interactions and solving customer calls within the voice agent.

This beta release introduces the following key features:

  • Get started more easily than ever by creating a voice agent and all required Watson services in a single step.
  • Transfer calls from your voice agent, such as to a human contact center agent or other destination.
  • Collect and analyze call data by configuring your voice agent to forward call detail record, transcription, and Watson Assistant turn events to a IBM Cloudant database.
  • Monitor service usage and view call logs on the new Usage page. You can view quick stats for the current month, find and filter call logs, and view system messages for each individual call.
  • Establish secure calls with media encryption by using SIP TLS (sips URIs) over port 5061 and Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP).
  • Connect to IBM® Speech to Text and IBM® Text to Speech service instances in other IBM Cloud spaces for increased flexibility.

To get started, see the Voice Agent with Watson documentation.

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