IBM Streaming Analytics Announcing End of Market for Washington DC Region

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What is IBM Streaming Analytics?

IBM Streaming Analytics for IBM Cloud is an advanced analytic platform allowing user-developed applications to quickly ingest, analyze, and correlate information as it arrives from a wide variety of real time-data sources. Analysis of structured and unstructured streaming data like text, video, audio, geospatial, and sensor data helps organizations spot opportunities and risks to make decisions in near real-time.

Feature changes in Washington

Streaming Analytics services and plans are currently available in Dallas, Washington DC, London, and Frankfurt. This change affects only the Washington DC region. All other regions are unaffected by this change.

This notice is to announce the End of Market for all plans for the Washington DC region.

End of Market date: December 12, 2019

As of that date, users will no longer be able to create new instances of Streaming Analytics in the Washington DC region. Existing instances in Washington DC will be unaffected at that time. Users with existing instances can continue to run streaming workloads or they can move them to Streaming Analytics services in other regions.

Getting Started with IBM Streaming Analytics

Replace your instance

Development of Streams applications

  • Watson Studio
    • Python Notebook: Replace the Streams service associated with your Project. Rerun the notebook to build and submit the job.
    • Streams flows: Replace the Streams service associated with your Project. Resubmit the flow to build and submit the job.
  • Local development using Streams studio
    • Recompile your applications using RedHat 7 or CentOS 7.
    • See the Development Guide for more information on setting up a new development environment.
  • Local development using Atom or VSC (Beta)

Manage your instance

  • Custom Service API use
    • Utilize the V2 Service API to manage your instance. Note, the V2 API uses IAM authentication. 

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