IBM Now Gives You a Faster Path Toward Becoming a Cloud Expert

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We've tightened and streamlined two core programs from the IBM Center for Cloud Training

It’s now faster than ever — much faster — to begin the path toward becoming a cloud expert.

That’s because the IBM Center for Cloud Training has condensed its two core certification programs — Cloud Advocate and Cloud Technical Advocate — tightening their focus so you learn exactly what you need to succeed. 

Both programs have been transitioned to a new user experience, introducing online, interactive, self-paced learning modules that replace previous video-based curricula.

These changes are significant enough that learners who had begun but not completed the previous version of the program will need to begin again. But with these updates, learners will come out ahead with new content for coursework, interactions, scenarios, knowledge check questions and day-in-the-life videos.

IBM Cloud Advocate curriculum

The IBM Cloud Advocate curriculum is for those individuals who are new to cloud and have an interest in learning more about the essentials of cloud computing and the elements of IBM Cloud.

Get to know the basics of cloud computing from its core concepts, including the definition, history, service, deployment models, cloud adoption, cloud migration and some of the job roles that support the cloud. The time to complete this curriculum has been shortened to five hours.

IBM Cloud Technical Advocate curriculum

The IBM Cloud Technical Advocate curriculum is for those individuals who have a fundamental knowledge of cloud computing and are interested in the technical elements associated with it.

This curriculum, which has been shortened to 11 hours, will provide you with an understanding of how to help clients uncover their technology priorities and challenges.

IBM Cloud Certifications give today’s cloud professionals the opportunity to strengthen their knowledge and skills while earning valuable industry-standard credentials.

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