IBM Cloud Shell Is Now Generally Available

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We're excited to announce that IBM Cloud Shell is now generally available.

But first, what is Cloud Shell? If you haven't tried it yet, Cloud Shell is a browser-based shell environment that you can use to work in IBM Cloud. With one click, you can start managing your apps, resources, and clusters from the command line—no installation needed. And, as a part of the IBM Cloud console, it's available to you at no charge for all account types.

Try it for free now or view the docs.

Cloud Shell is a browser-based shell environment that you can use to work in IBM Cloud

Enhanced globalization

You want to work in Cloud Shell in the language you're most comfortable with. To this end, we've added support for double-byte characters on the command line. This means that you can input languages such as Japanese, Simplified Chinese, or Traditional Chinese in your sessions.

Tokyo region support

In addition to the existing Dallas and Frankfurt regions, you can now run Cloud Shell in the Tokyo (jp-tok) region. Each region operates independently, which means your workspace data, sessions, and usage are completely separate in each region. To ensure the best performance, the location closest to you is selected automatically. To change to Cloud Shell in a different location, find the current location in the Cloud Shell menu bar and click Change. For more information, see Changing locations.

Updated command-line tools

We've continued to tailor the preinstalled plug-ins and tools so that you have everything you need at your fingertips. In this release, the Istio CLI (istioctl) was upgraded to 1.5.4, autocomplete was added for the Red Hat OpenShift CLI (oc), and the Cloud Foundry CLI is installed in the IBM Cloud CLI context (ibmcloud cf) by default. As always, the IBM Cloud CLI and its plug-ins are updated regularly to the latest versions so you can get right to work.

Get started with Cloud Shell

If you don't already have an IBM Cloud account, sign up for one and log in. Then, in the console menu bar, click the IBM Cloud Shell icon. A shell session starts and automatically logs you in through the IBM Cloud CLI. And that's it! From here, you can instantly start working with the IBM Cloud CLI or any of the installed plug-ins and tools. For more information about how to work in Cloud Shell, see the docs.

Submitting feedback

Help us improve Cloud Shell by sharing your experience with our team. Whether you have questions, concerns, or want to give us a rave review, we want to hear from you.

  • Submit feedback: You can provide feedback or report a problem that you experienced directly to the development team. From the IBM Cloud Shell window, click the Feedback button to share your thoughts.
  • Chat with us on Slack: Have a casual question or just want to talk about all things Cloud Shell? Come chat with the development team on IBM Cloud Technology Slack. After you request your invite, sign in and join the #developer-tools channel.

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