IBM Cloud Security Advisor is Generally Available

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IBM Cloud Security Advisor is generally available

We are excited to announce that IBM Cloud Security Advisor is now generally available. IBM Cloud Security Advisor enables centralized security management through a unified dashboard that alerts security admins to issues and helps them understand, prioritize, manage, and resolve the issues related to their cloud applications and workloads.

Security Advisor is built on an open architecture to unify critical vulnerability and network data as well as application and system findings from IBM Services. In addition, there is a preview of network analytics service—powered by IBM X-Force and security research teams—to warn of traffic from bad domains or clients. Key Security Partners with cloud security technology are invited to integrate to unify visibility and management. Finally, Custom Integrations are defined by our customers to point to other consoles or incorporate security findings generated by these custom tools.

Security Advisor

By centralizing the visibility of all your key security technologies and enabling drill down to resolution, Security Advisor empowers the security admin to manage security on IBM Cloud.

Security Advisor solves common problems to provide help for security administrators. The service combines information across many existing tools to simplify the security management process for users new to cloud. This also unifies the investigation process across business teams, who can immediately begin using the pre-integrated services. These teams will then benefit from the IBM expertise in identifying issues. Security Advisor also includes remediation steps to fix issues after the initial investigation.

Available in this release

  • Dashboard prioritizes Key Risk Indicators for at-a-glance alerting to new security issues

  • Easier sorting of Findings by source or date of occurrence

  • Include your own security provider or services to unify your security management and visibility

  • Preview of Network Analytics to identify risky domains and clients

  • Simple integration with IBM Security Partners, including NeuVector

  • Support for US-Dallas and EU-London regions

Get started with Security Advisor

Try out Security Advisor for free to start gaining control of your cloud security management. The built-in automated retention policy provides enough time to investigate and resolve issues while also meeting minimal retention periods in most environments.

Security Advisor is available in US-South and UK-London. Help is available for Security Advisor technical questions at IBM developerWorks. For defect or support needs, use the support section in the IBM Cloud menu. We would love to hear your feedback!

To get started with Security Advisor, check it out in the IBM Cloud catalog or read through the documentation.

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