IBM Cloud Internet Services: Security, Performance and Availability Without Compromise

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As we mark the fifth year of our partnership with Cloudflare, IBM is announcing the General Availability (GA) of the new IBM Cloud Internet Services (CIS) Standard Next plan.

IBM Cloud Internet Services (CIS) enables you to deliver fast, secure and always-on applications with optimized end-user experiences to maximize their business outcomes. With this partnership, our clients can expect truly differentiated services and capabilities. 

The CIS Standard Next GA release provides the same core features that are part of the Standard plan, including DNS, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Protection, Global Load Balancing (GLB) with geo-steering, caching with Page Rules, TLS/SSL Certificate, a Web Application Firewall (WAF) and an Edge Function.  

With this new release, we’ve introduced the following: 

  • Introduced the ability to add an additional domain to the plan. 
  • Removed the protected traffic ceiling of 5TB, allowing higher bandwidth consumption with overage billing.  
  • Removed the DNS queries and http(s) requests ceiling of 10 million, allowing higher bandwidth consumption with overage billing.  
  • Added support for a maximum of three origin servers for Global Load Balancing (GLB). 

Why Cloudflare and IBM Cloud?  

Combining IBM’s leadership in protecting workloads for regulated industries and Cloudflare’s global footprint and secure performant and robust infrastructure, our joint solution addresses a variety of industry-specific use cases: 

  • Banking and finance: Provide a high-performance infrastructure to quickly deliver financial information to consumers and analysts, while ensuring protection against attacks. 
  • E-commerce: Businesses with high-traffic characteristics must be available and performant to generate revenue, and CIS can deliver static and dynamic content to web and mobile end-customers with rapid response times. 
  • Public sector: CIS ensures highly confidential records are protected against cybersecurity risks, while ensuring that vital information can be delivered to citizens quickly. 
  • Healthcare: Improve your site’s performance while reducing cost by absorbing traffic spikes and consuming less bandwidth—thereby enabling seamless, reliable experiences for patients and providers alike. 

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Note:IBM Cloud Internet Services (CIS) Standard Next is now generally available. The current CIS Standard Plan will no longer be available for new subscriptions as of April 30, 2023. If you are currently a CIS Standard plan user, your subscription will remain and the instance will not be affected.  

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