IBM Cloud Foundry — Deprecation of the Swift Language Buildpack

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IBM Cloud Foundry buildpack changes for Swift.

IBM Cloud Foundry is deprecating and removing the Swift buildpack from the IBM Cloud Foundry service. Only the Swift language is affected in this announcement. 

IBM Cloud Foundry will no longer directly install the Swift buildpack and will no longer support applications using the Swift language.

Usage options

Although the Swift language will no longer be included as a supported buildpack in IBM Cloud Foundry, it will still be possible for users to deploy unsupported Swift applications by using an externally hosted community Swift buildpack, such as those listed here and by updating their "push" to reference the buildpack as described here.

Change details

This change timeline is as follows:

  • Announcement on March 30, 2021.
  • End-of-Marketing (EOM) on May 30, 2021: Removal of Swift language selection from the IBM Cloud Foundry create page, information updated in documentation.
  • End-of-Support (EOS) on September 1, 2021: The Swift buildpack will be removed from the IBM Cloud Foundry service.

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