IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions Shared Is Now GA in Europe

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IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions Shared (IC4V Shared), initially launched in the IBM Cloud data center in Dallas, is now generally available in Europe in the IBM Cloud data center in Frankfurt, Germany.

This expansion provides more opportunity and choice for our clients in Europe to easily run their VMware workloads in the cloud with close data proximity. Learn more about IC4V Shared, its key use cases, and how to get started below.

Get started with IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions Shared

A cost-effective, self-service entry to cloud

IC4V Shared enables clients to extend their data centers to the cloud with ultimate capacity, flexibility, and scalability. Whether clients are looking to begin their cloud journey with a dev/test environment, a disaster recovery site, or a full enterprise grade hybrid cloud transformation, IC4V Shared is designed to provide a cost-effective, self-service entry to the cloud within minutes.

With IBM Cloud managing the infrastructure up to the hypervisor, clients don’t need to worry about managing patching, upgrades, or monitoring themselves, thereby enabling a renewed focus on innovation. This offering delivers a familiar look and feel so that clients can leverage their existing VMware resources, skills, and operational tooling. ­­­­

This solution is designed to provide the following value to our clients:

  • Capacity, flexibility, and scalability: Pay for what you use. Clients can quickly spin up/down capacity based on their current needs, minimizing their unused capacity to save money.
  • Cost-effective disaster recovery: Cost-efficient deployment option for a cloud disaster recovery (DR) site where virtual machines (VMs) are consumed for short periods of time with fluctuating capacity requirements.
  • Low startup cost: Clients starting their cloud journey can start as small as 1vCPU and 1 GB RAM and expand to any extent when ready.
  • Reduction in IT expense and offloading Day 2 operations: Because IC4V Shared is IBM-managed, clients will no longer have to perform operations like patching, upgrading, and monitoring.
  • Self-service: User-friendly interface to be productive from day one.

Consumption models

IBM Cloud VMware Solutions Shared (IC4V Shared) is offered in two consumption models: On Demand and Reserved.

With On Demand, clients only pay for the compute they actually consume in an hourly pricing model. For Reserved, clients can “reserve” compute in advance in order to guarantee that their capacity is available when they need it. Billing for Reserved is available monthly and will be available for longer terms in the future. Other resources—such as storage and network egress—are billed as per the actual usage, further enhancing the potential cost savings for dynamic workloads.

Get started for free

To get started, try IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions Shared for free with a 90-day, $500 USD credit. Redeem your offer here.

Get started with IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions Shared

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