Announcing IBM Cloud Code Engine: The Easy Way to Run Your Code, Containers, and Batch Jobs 

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Today, we are announcing the beta availability of a new serverless compute service called IBM Cloud Code Engine.

IBM Cloud Code Engine

IBM Cloud Code Engine is a fully-managed serverless platform that runs your containerized workloads, including both interactive, http-driven applications and “run-to-completion” batch jobs.  

And what if you don’t have a container image? No worries, Code Engine will take your source-code, combine it with a supported runtime environment (a "buildpack"), and then create and run the container for you.  

There is no need to worry about the underlying infrastructure—Code Engine takes care of all the cluster management, including provisioning, configuring, scaling, and managing servers.  

Code Engine is completely integrated into the IBM Cloud and its full breadth of services. For example, logging and monitoring “comes included” through the use of IBM Cloud® Log Analysis with LogDNA and IBM Cloud® Monitoring with Sysdig.

Only pay for what you use 

Depending on the load, Code Engine automatically scales your containers up or down, and that includes scaling to zero, ensuring that you only pay for the resources you actually use.  

Based on open source 

To keep your apps and containers portable, we’ve built Code Engine on a set of popular open source technologies like Kubernetes, Knative, Istio, and Tekton.

Learn more 

Ready to give it a try? Head on over to the “Getting started” section of our documentation

Try out a Code Engine tutorial and read "IBM Cloud Code Engine: Enjoy Your Cloud Again" to learn more.

Be sure to try IBM Cloud Code Engine out today (it’s completely free while in beta). 

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