IBM Blockchain Platform Starter Plan GA

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IBM Blockchain Platform Starter Plan is the fast, easy, and low cost way to get started building blockchain applications on the IBM Blockchain Platform

The IBM Blockchain Platform is a cloud-based platform which provides tools for you to easily develop, operate, and grow your blockchain applications. Our existing Enterprise Plan is best for production blockchain applications. The new Starter Plan is great for getting started with development and testing proof of concept blockchain applications. With the addition of starter, you can now develop a solution through its entire life-cycle, from proof-of-concept all the way to enterprise production.

What is enterprise blockchain and the IBM Blockchain Platform?

Blockchain will change the way businesses are run. Blockchain’s ability to facilitate trust at scale, without intermediaries, is fundamentally transforming how businesses transact with one another. Trusted transactions can dramatically reduce dispute resolution time, cut costs, and add security to transactions. Using blockchain, institutions can achieve greater collective value than any institution alone.

IBM Blockchain Platform addresses these business needs and provides a platform for industry disruptors to continue to innovate.

Introducing the Starter Plan

The IBM Blockchain Platform Starter Plan was created to remove the barriers to getting started with blockchain. Any developer – whether enterprise, start-up, academic, experienced, or novice – can begin the blockchain journey to disrupt their industry.

With Starter Plan, you get:

  • A one-click-ready network preconfigured, recommended network of two members with 1 peer each and 1 default channel

  • Ability to simulate a multi-organization network

  • UI-based (no code or command line interface required):

    • deployment

    • organization addition

    • member addition

    • peer addition

  • Access to popular development tools, including the online playground, a development environment

  • API access and documentation

  • Tutorials to help build a business network definition

  • Code Samples

  • Hyperledger Fabric 1.1 features and capabilities

  • Rolling migrations with no network outages

  • Support services as needed

Sign up for Starter now for a $500 credit

Sign up now to learn, develop, and test on the IBM Blockchain Platform, Starter Plan and you’ll receive a $500 credit! Find it here, or through searching “blockchain” in the Cloud Catalog.

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