IBM App Configuration Beta

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IBM Cloud App Configuration is a centralized feature management and configuration service for use with web and mobile applications, microservices, and distributed environments. 

Using IBM Cloud App Configuration, developers, app owners, and DevOps engineers can do the following:

  • Dark launch features to production 
  • Decouple feature releases from deployments
  • Target features using segments and rules
  • Update configurations in-flight from a cloud dashboard
  • Use crash analytics to Immediately identify problems caused by an update

Use the App Configuration dashboard or API to define feature flags, organize them into collections, and target them to segments (groups) of users or resources that you define. Instrument your applications with App Configuration SDKs and begin using the service. The first SDK were are offering is for Node.js, but look for others soon. In the meantime, you can use the App Configuration API to call the service from any language.

Features of IBM Cloud App Configuration

  • Centralize configurations: Configure multiple, distributed resources from a central location. Use Collections to organize your flags by app or resource. DevOps engineers can easily manage configurations for complex applications and environments from one dashboard.
  • Dark launch: Include features that are not yet ready for general release into your deployments, and activate them when they are ready. Developers can use dark launch to reduce source code branch complexity and troublesome merges by including features behind a feature flag in their master branch. Testers can be confident new features will work in production by using feature flags to actually test there.
  • Target features and configurations to segments: Activate features for different segments at different times, or vary features by segment. App owners can fine-tune applications to users, and DevOps engineers can have granular control over environment configurations.
  • Roll out features apart from deployments: Roll out features and configurations without requiring new code deployments. App owners can efficiently control features without time-consuming pipeline runs.
  • Detect problems and instantly roll back: Discover problems quickly using the App Configuration crash SDKs and dashboard metrics. Instantly roll back problematic features by toggling feature flags in the App Configuration cloud dashboard.

Get started with IBM Cloud App Configuration

Try the App Configuration beta now on IBM Cloud or read the docs to learn more. If you have any more questions related to App Configuration please reach out to Mike Darden.

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