IBM and ClearBlade Edge Computing Partnership

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IBM and ClearBlade have announced a new partnership focused on offering autonomous edge computing and IoT solutions.

The combination of IBM Edge Application Manager and ClearBlade Edge Platform will benefit enterprise customers building out end-to-end edge computing solutions for manufacturing, transportation, healthcare, and other industries. Industry focused, AI/ML-based solutions and management capabilities will help enterprises operate at the edge and benefit from real-time business outcomes.

About ClearBlade

ClearBlade is an award-winning edge computing software company that enables enterprises to rapidly engineer and run secure, real-time, scalable IoT applications. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, ClearBlade offers a fully scalable, secure, flexible, and autonomous IoT edge platform that enables companies to ingest, analyze, adapt, and act on any data in real-time and at extreme scale.

The journey to edge

This partnership is designed to allow enterprises to rapidly deploy, process, store, and analyze data at the edge, unlocking their full potential to digitally transform.

Partnering with ClearBlade also drives economies of scale, knowledge sharing, market penetration, and an ability to realize growth potential more quickly, helping customers realize business results and cost savings.

Take the next step

IBM and ClearBlade are ready to help enterprises embrace automation and act on insights closer to where their data is created. Clients will be better able to mobilize their container workloads to run at the most optimal edge locations.

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