Accelerating Delivery of Rich Dynamic Content with IBM Cloud Content Delivery Network

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Each user is unique, and they all expect fast, personalized web experiences.

Delivering on this expectation requires rich, interactive, and dynamic applications that can easily cause load times to increase as apps and pages become heavier and more complex.

Since users are often spread across the world and have varying network connectivity, it becomes even more challenging to deliver apps and web pages quickly, which can put business success at risk.

IBM Cloud Content Delivery Network (CDN), built on Akamai, accelerates dynamically generated content to users globally, empowering you to focus on developing engaging web experiences.

Minimize latency by bringing content closer to users

It’s very likely that your users are global and may not be close to a location where the content is hosted, and this can lead to increased latency and slower page loads. IBM CDN caches web content onto Akamai’s Intelligent Edge Platform and brings the content closer to users. Built-in cache optimizations maximize the amount of a site’s content that is offloaded, reducing hits to origin servers and leading to significant performance improvement.

Real-time route optimization

The solution analyzes internet traffic in real-time and automatically selects the most optimal path to the origin server in order to avoid congestion points and outages. This results in the delivery of dynamic content more quickly and reliably to users, even when the content is uncacheable.

Boost performance through optimizations and proactively fetching content

By analyzing user behavior data and web sessions, IBM Cloud Content Delivery Network (CDN) can determine which content is required by the application, preemptively fetch content from its origin, and store it close to the user so it can be assembled and delivered faster. This makes pages load sooner and eliminates gaps in the user experience.

IBM CDN automatically optimizes TCP connections by increasing the amount of data transferred, keeping TCP connections open for a longer duration, and utilizing them for multiple requests. This reduces the total number of round trips needed to fetch data and leads to accelerated delivery of web content.

Faster loading of image intensive pages

Images are used to inspire, evoke emotion, and provide ways of communicating that simply cannot be done with words. But a webpage rich in images can easily become heavy and slow to load.

IBM CDN continuously monitors internet conditions to identify slower network connections. It automatically compresses JPEG images and delivers the most optimal image based on network quality. This results in faster load time even for pages heavy with images and improves user experience.

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