Discontinued: Registry Token Creation

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To facilitate migrations to IAM and our new icr.io domains, IBM Cloud Container Registry will no longer allow the creation of registry tokens.

Recently, we introduced our new IBM Cloud Container Registry icr.io domain names. With this change, it was announced that an IAM API key—rather than a registry token—needs to be stored in an image pull secret in order to pull images from the new registry domains. In accordance with this, and to facilitate migrations to the new domains, the creation of registry tokens will be discontinued on July 1, 2019.

Since the announcement of the icr.io domains, new clusters have been deployed with both pull secrets that access bluemix.net domains with a registry token and with pull secrets that access icr.io domains with an IAM API key. Moving forward, all new clusters will be deployed with IAM API key pull secrets only, and you will be unable to create new registry tokens with ibmcloud cr token-add. This means that new clusters will have to pull images from the icr.io domains. Registry tokens have been marked as deprecated in the documentation for a few months (see here, for example), and during that time, anyone with questions about registry tokens has been pointed to IAM.

How will my existing clusters and registry tokens be affected?

Existing registry tokens will continue to provide access to IBM Cloud Container Registry using the deprecated bluemix.net domain names, so you can continue using existing registry tokens to access these domains without interruption.

However, the old domains, as well as registry tokens, will eventually be discontinued as well. To prepare yourself for this event, follow these steps to set up your clusters to pull images from the icr.io domains if you have not done so already. This action will kill two birds with one stone as you will migrate away from the deprecated bluemix.net domains while simultaneously migrating from registry tokens to IAM API keys.

What benefits are there to using IAM API keys for registry access?

There are lots of benefits to using IAM API keys instead of registry tokens. With IAM API keys, you can add IAM policies for more fine-grained control over access. For instance, you can create IAM access policies to restrict permissions to specific registry namespaces so that a cluster can only pull images from those namespaces.

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