Db2 on Cloud Announces New Enterprise High-Availability Plan

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Cloud data management plays a critical role in helping businesses become more agile and nimble.

As cloud vendors increase features and support, the IT industry has found itself shifting more workloads to cloud to support a hybrid model. Whether you are shifting workloads to cloud or augmenting your on-premises business, IBM Db2 on Cloud has never been more ready to take on your toughest, mission critical workloads. 

We’ve seen exponential growth in the number of cloud database deployments over the past year. In an effort to support enterprises both large and small, we are releasing new plans that support robust HADR capabilities and built-in machine learning. Starting June 24, 2020, you will be able to purchase the brand-new Enterprise plan. Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Dedicated compute and storage running the latest release of Db2—version 11.5
  • Independent scaling of compute and storage with slider-bar UI and REST API
  • Three high-availability nodes spanning multiple availability zones
  • Private endpoint connectivity
  • 1TB of free backup storage for up to 14 days of backups
  • Self-service managed backup with point-in-time restore

Db2 on Cloud also runs Db2 11.5, the AI database engine that provides built-in machine learning and support for AI workloads. Your data will run in a highly redundant architecture on IBM Cloud with a 99.99% uptime SLA. The new Enterprise plan was designed to help your business achieve ultimate redundancy and availability.

Watch this space for new releases and updates coming this year

The new Enterprise plan is just the beginning. We are releasing several new capabilities and features to upgrade your experience with Db2 on Cloud. Later this summer, users can expect a brand new console to monitor database performance, use point in time restore for backups, and scale storage and compute.

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