Copy Databases with a Click and Use New Control and Protect Features

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IBM Db2 on Cloud adds three new features to make building business apps easier.

IBM Db2 on Cloud just got three new, powerful features:

  1. Copy-a-Database: Copy your Db2 on Cloud database with a few clicks. Or, use an API. Use it to copy a fresh development machine from production or run analytics on a copy.
  2. Resource Controller: When you’re working in teams, it’s important to control and organize access to cloud services. Resource Controller makes this simple.
  3. Key Protect: Manage your own encryption keys for Db2 on Cloud.

For detailed documentation, check out Cloud Docs for Db2 on Cloud.


With a record number of Db2 on Cloud instances deployed month after month, the IBM Db2 on Cloud team dedicated numerous engineering resources to the release of Copy-a-Database, a feature that enables customers to provision a new instance of Db2 on Cloud by clicking Copy within the user console.

Db2 on Cloud product manager Jerry Mathew stated, “Copy-a-Database is another means for businesses to restore their database to a specific instance. It opens up a whole new set of ways to use Db2 on Cloud.”

You have two options when copying a database:

  • Point-in-time: A point-in-time restoration allows you to pick a specific date and time to restore on the target system. This can be up to the current time.
  • Storage-specific restore: The second option for backups is from the Db2 on Cloud storage, which allows you to restore the database to a specified nightly backup.

After selecting Copy, you will be taken to the copy landing zone on your provisioned target system. On the landing page, your account will display the copied Db2 on Cloud instance. You can now select the copied instance for provisioning

(Note: The copy will remove what is on the target system and replace it with the source database that you selected.)

Resource Controller

Another major update was the support of resource groups with Db2 on Cloud. “Resources” are created by the Resource Controller within resource groups. The Resource Controller is the next-generation provisioning layer that manages the lifecycle of your Db2 on Cloud instance.

This lets developers quickly share and organize access across a team. It’s very easy for cloud usage to create a sprawl of resources. This ensures you stay organized and secure while being agile.

Key Protect

Announced previously, Key Protect lets you manage all your Cloud encryption keys in one place. It uses a hardware security module, making the key storage very secure. It also helps ensure you rotate your keys regularly for optimal security. You can read more here.  

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