Announcing CloudForms in the IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management

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Hybrid cloud management takes time to optimize. Balancing the needs of your critical applications and infrastructure with business objectives that require more, faster, is challenging.

As a partner that has experienced economic and societal disruptions before, IBM understands the need for collaboration now, more than ever. In accordance with this guiding principle of partnership and collaboration, I am proud to announce that Red Hat CloudForms is now part of  IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management.

As a result of this transition, we are excited to offer existing Red Hat CloudForms clients the opportunity to expand VM-management capabilities to now include cloud-native-based workloads. This also includes the ability to proactively address and remediate performance bottlenecks of their applications and apply a unified governance model across their entire environment by transitioning to IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management licenses at renewal time (or earlier).

Ultimately, our vision is that CloudForms will provide a cornerstone capability for the Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management and provide clients with enhanced capabilities to manage their complete hybrid IT lifecycle. This capability provides three distinct value additions:

  1. VM management and increased visibility of the IT environment
  2. Efficiencies in IT operations
  3. Improved governance and compliance management 

VM management and increased visibility of the IT environment

The addition of CloudForms enables the enterprise by providing management (for both containers and VMs together), expanded visibility, and more control over hybrid infrastructures. This includes an increased ability to discover VM compute, configuration, networking, storage capabilities, and more through a single user interface.  

Furthermore, it also comes with the ability to understand and react to the cost of VM-based infrastructures with robust consumption and usage metric reports. By providing on-demand reporting, the cloud admin/IT ops personnel can make resource decisions that will optimize costs for the lines of business while still ensuring application scaling requirements are maintained.

Efficiencies in IT operations

The addition of CloudForms accelerates the agility of ITOps because they can now enforce policies, move applications, and automate dynamic scaling and incident remediation of a hybrid application, all from a single console. No longer does IT need to maintain disparate tools in order to understand, observe, and inventory the resources for container and VM applications—they can now do it all from one place.

Improved governance and compliance management

The Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management’s policy governance and enforcement model now extends to VM-based environments. By creating a single source of truth for governance and policy configuration and deployments across the infrastructure, there is a uniform method to create policies, validate their enforcement, and, ultimately, bring confidence and trust in the governance health of the entire environment.

Timeline overview

We recognize that transitions of this scale can take time. The following table gives you a clear understanding of the transition of CloudForms to IBM, and we want to reassure both existing and prospective clients of a few things:

  • IBM’s intention is to create a smooth transition.
  • IBM is committed to driving investment into the use cases of CloudForms.
  • IBM is also committed to investing in the ManageIQ open source project.
  • IBM will maintain price parity of CloudForms in the IBM Cloud Pak for MCM.
Timeline overview

Moving forward with CloudForms in the Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management

Our commitment has been to provide the market with an end-to-end modern hybrid management platform based on open standards, and in keeping with that commitment, Red Hat CloudForms was a perfect fit for the Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management. As of March 1, 2020, CloudForms is part of the IBM portfolio. 

For existing CloudForms clients, we are thrilled to welcome you to IBM and look forward to the opportunity to discuss the complete vision of the Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management. You will continue to be supported by Red Hat for the duration of your current contract for defects only (no enhancements to feature/function), but you also have the option to transition directly to the Cloud Pak prior to renewal time. We are committed to providing you with more additional capabilities than you have today, while also retaining the functionality of CloudForms that you have grown to truly value.

For existing and future Cloud Pak clients, we are very excited to now be able to offer you the ability to seamlessly manage your VM-based applications, whether on-prem or in the cloud, right alongside cloud native, Kubernetes-based applications. By bringing these together, you are now able to improve IT operational efficiency with automation, unified governance enforcement, cost optimization, and total observability—no matter where you choose to run your applications.

To learn more about the Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management, please visit us here or contact a representative directly at

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