Centerity Joins with IBM Cloud to Deliver Dynamic Business Service Views for Clients

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The new partnership is a win for clients, IBM Cloud, and Centerity.

As cloud adoption proliferates and enterprises today partner with two, three, four, or more cloud providers, monitoring and managing the many business processes and applications across those clouds can become extremely complex. As one of IBM Cloud's latest business partners, Centerity provides a solution that can holistically manage critical business services (from one place)

Who is Centerity?

Centerity provides a real-time, full-stack AIOps platform for on-prem, cloud, and hybrid digital services.

This enables the delivery of Dynamic Business Service Views that analyze dynamic applications and the supporting technology stack to ensure the availability, performance, and security of critical digital business processes.

A win/win/win situation

The IBM Cloud customer community has grown rapidly, with over 60 data centers in 6 regions and 18 availability zones. With continued year-to-year growth in new enterprise clients and business partners, the IBM ecosystem is as strong as ever. As new clients onboard with IBM Cloud, Centerity stands uniquely ready to assist with their solution, which helps enterprises with application and processes visibility, monitoring, and management across multiple clouds, in real-time. 

  • A win for IBM Clients: Centerity's offerings are now available on the IBM Global Solution Directory.
  • A win for IBM Cloud: "We're excited that Centerity has decided to adopt IBM Cloud.  We believe the combination of a strong ecosystem that includes partners like Centerity and the security, technology leadership, scalability, and reliability of the IBM Cloud provides unparalleled value for our clients. We are thrilled to have them in our ecosystem of new IBM Cloud partners." — Ed Bottini, Director, Global ISVs, IBM Cloud and Cognitive.
  • A win for Centerity: IBM Cloud and its strong ecosystem are important for us as we extend our global footprint.  Additionally, the security, technology leadership, scalability, and reliability of the IBM Cloud is unparalleled. We look forward to a strong and growing partnership.

What does Centerity provide? 

Dynamic Business Service Views

Centerity’s Dynamic Business Service Views consolidate the availability, performance, throughput, and error rate of the entire software and hardware stack that supports each critical business service into a service level gauge that allows business constituents to easily understand how the business services supported by these stacks are actually working.

A complete AIOps platform

Centerity delivers these Dynamic Business Service Views through a comprehensive AIOps platform that works with existing APM and other monitoring tools, virtualization platforms, and cloud platforms that are in use at the customer's enterprise. Metrics, events, and logs are collected across the entire stack and evaluated by an AIOps engine for performance anomalies. Degradation in service levels are surfaced in Dynamic Business Service Views and forwarded to alert and service management systems.


How can I learn more?

Centerity helps companies monitor and manage real-time operational data in any environment, on any layer—from applications to infrastructure and everything in between—and provide information views for any role, from the CIO and Digital Transformation Officer to operations managers. Our U.S. Headquarters are based in Newton, MA. 

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