Brocade Operating System Version 18.x for Virtual Router Appliance

2 min read

Version 18.x of the Brocade OS is now available for the Virtual Router Appliance.

Among other new features, this version provides remediation for the Spectre security breach.

New features of the 18.x VRA are discussed in the following topics:

If you are migrating from Vyatta 5400, the best way to upgrade to 18.x is through the normal procedure of a full OS reload.

Because there is no simple one-to-one mapping of functionality between Vyatta 5400 and the Virtual Router Appliance, creating a baseline configuration for the VRA is helpful. An IBM Partner, WanClouds, can help you with this process, and provide guidance on creating functionality similar to the Vyatta 5400 on your VRA.

For more information about common issues encountered during this upgrade process, please refer to our additional documentation.

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