Bare Metal Price Reductions and Bandwidth Perks

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IBM Cloud Bare Metal Servers is excited to announce an increase in standard bandwidth allotments and a reduction in prices.

As IBM Cloud Bare Metal Servers enter their 14th birthday year, we’re celebrating by boldly (and permanently) increasing standard bandwidth allotments and reducing prices across the board on our full bare metal server portfolio.

Starting July 31, 2019, new and existing clients will see, on average, a 25% price reduction for single, dual, quad, and workload-certified bare metal servers inside the IBM Cloud Catalog.

You’ll still get the same raw performance, same premium security, and same customization options across our fleet of data centers around the globe—just at significantly lower hourly and monthly operating expenses.

Excitingly, this is also the first time we’re including up to 20TB of bandwidth alongside our bare metal servers—cost-free and standard—to compliment the new price drops. It’s a phenomenal addition to today’s news that I’m thrilled to share since our previous bandwidth allotment for bare metal servers was 500GB.

Simply put: You asked, we listened

We recognize the continued importance of keeping our prices competitive without compromising on capabilities. We also recognize that certain infrastructure essentials, like sizeable bandwidth, should come standard.

Today’s news highlights our commitment to delivering a premium-built cloud that drives value for you—our clients and trusted partners—at every corner. Whether you’re updating critical infrastructure or building a hybrid cloud framework, it’s a brilliant time to put our secure, powerful IBM Cloud Bare Metal Servers to work.

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