Automate Your ECM Cloud Deployment with AWS Quick Start for IBM FileNet Content Manager

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How to move important business applications to the cloud faster.

When it comes to managing business software applications, there are lots of good reasons to move to the cloud, and many enterprises are committed to it. But how can you move such important infrastructure without making major compromises? Enterprises need the best of both cloud and on-premises worlds—modernization combined with a breadth of capabilities, reliability, performance, and customization of proven applications. 

Cloud native applications are optimized for containerized deployment on any Kubernetes platform. These cloud capabilities drive significant benefits in terms of faster software updates, scalability, application performance, and reduced maintenance costs.

A major challenge still remains, however—how can vendors further simplify and reduce the risks of making such a move without increasing IT budgets that come with additional and complex migration projects? And, especially with mission critical applications, how do you sustain it over time?

Introducing AWS Quick Start for IBM FileNet Content Manager

For enterprises looking for a faster way to deploy or move an enterprise content management (ECM) solution to the AWS cloud, we have a new option with the AWS Quick Start for IBM FileNet Content Manager. AWS Quick Starts are collaboratively built by AWS architects—with partners like IBM—using popular AWS capabilities and security and high availability best practices. It reduces hundreds of manual steps down to a few, enabling fast and reliable creation of a production environment that is available for immediate use.

Simplifying enterprise content management deployment

What does this mean for users with the IBM FileNet enterprise content management solution? You can quickly deploy one of the most reliable, proven, and feature-rich enterprise content management solutions on the cloud in a matter of minutes. You get all of the benefits of the AWS cloud with almost no lead time, including the following:

  • Flexibility to readily support multi-regional deployments.
  • Scalability, with the ability to scale resources up and down as needed based on demand.
  • Reduced costs, including file and data storage, systems maintenance and upgrade costs.
  • Integrated backup and disaster recovery options.
  • Data security.

Simplifying the deployment of FileNet on AWS delivers a wide range of enterprise content management capabilities on the cloud, under your control, and with minimal effort. It also delivers the deepest set of proven capabilities, along with the latest cutting-edge content services.

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Read the following guides to learn more about how AWS QuickStart for FileNet Content Manager can help you migrate your content services:

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