API Access to IBM’s Advanced Automation for VMware vCenter Server (vCS) on IBM Cloud

5 min read

You can now programmatically order vCS instances and scale compute capacity by adding and removing clusters and host machines on IBM Cloud.

IBM has now documented and exposed specific Representational State Transfer (REST) Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that allow you to programmatically engage with IBM’s advanced automation rather than the graphical user interface (GUI) to order and scale VMware vCenter Server (vCS) instances on IBM Cloud. If you are a business partner, this will help you integrate your marketplaces to sell VMware solutions for IBM Cloud to your clients. This first set of APIs include the ability to order and delete VMware vCenter Server primary instances, add/remove ESXi clusters, and add/remove ESXi hosts on IBM Cloud. More sets of APIs will be exposed and documented over the next few months so that you can better integrate your on-premises tooling to help provision, manage and govern your IBM-hosted VMware environment.

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