Announcing the 1.3.0 Release of the IBM Cloud Command Line Interface

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In this release of the IBM Cloud CLI, we’ve introduced several important features and changes.

Complete details can be found on the release notes page

Private endpoint support

This release introduces private endpoint support in the CLI. To make use of private endpoints, there is configuration necessary in your account and environment as detailed here. Additionally, regional support is provided for a limited number of commands at this time. Currently, the us-south and us-east regions provide support for private endpoints.

With these caveats in mind, you can use the ibmcloud login -a command to log in to a private endpoint by using the CLI. Then, you can run other commands as usual. For more details, see "Securing your connection when using the IBM Cloud CLI."

The plugin list command now includes a column to indicate when a plug-in provides access over private endpoints. If a plug-in that you use does not show private support, you must continue to use it with your API set to the public endpoint

Other notable changes

  • Anonymous usage statistics are no longer collected for those that had previously opted into usage statistics collection. The --usage-stats-collect flag is removed from the config command.
  • Updated support for resource groups, quota definitions, and user management APIs, among others.
  • Improved performance of several commands involving resource groups.
  • Additional bug fixes and improvements, which can be found on the release notes page
  • Upgrade to Golang 1.15.5.

Getting started with this release

  • Follow instructions for a new installation, which includes the IBM Cloud CLI and other tools.
  • To update an existing IBM Cloud CLI installation, run ibmcloud update.
  • For a complete list of changes and defect fixes in this release, check out the release notes.
  • Develop an app: Follow this tutorial to create and deploy an app.
  • Feedback: Help us improve the IBM Cloud CLI by chatting with the developer team! Just sign up for IBM Cloud Technology Slack and join the #developer-tools channel. For questions about this blog, reach out to the author directly.

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