Announcing Search Capabilities for Datastax Enterprise

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DataStax Enterprise (DSE) is a scale-out NoSQL database built on Apache Cassandra. 

It is designed to power real-time applications with high availability and massive scalability. DataStax Enterprise adds operational reliability to the largest internet apps and Fortune 100 companies. It is available as part of the IBM Cloud platform through IBM Cloud Databases for DataStax, a fully managed database as a service that is run and supported by IBM Cloud specialists. 

Introducing DSE Search

Today, we are announcing the introduction of DSE Search to the services available on the IBM Cloud Databases for DataStax deployment. 

DSE Search enables data querying and filtering by using CQL Solr queries. You can leverage DSE Search to get more value out of your data by creating features like product catalogs, document repositories and ad-hoc reports.  Read more about DSE Search capabilities and benefits on the DataStax website

Modern, scale-out, cloud-native applications require a transformational data architecture that enables improved operating economics, developer productivity and time-to-market. Built on the active-everywhere foundation of Apache Cassandra, DataStax Enterprise — a hybrid cloud with scale-out data infrastructure — provides the freedom to run any workload on any device and in any cloud, with zero downtime at global-scale.

Learn more

  • To get started using Datastax Enterprise and DSE Search on the IBM Cloud, visit our Getting Started page
  • For information on DSE and DSE Search pricing visit our Pricing page.

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