Migrate to the cloud with confidence

You’re unsure which workloads should move to the cloud or what environments to use. You’re concerned that business priorities, budget constraints and project complexities may delay moving workloads to the cloud. And that delay could postpone your ability to realize value.

Taking the time to develop a solid migration plan can alleviate concerns and actually accelerate your move to cloud.


What can cloud premigration services do for you?

Customize your approach

Assess your current environment and tailor a plan.

Get you started

Identify the optimal workloads and their migration complexity.

Analyze costs

Make a business case for moving workloads to cloud.

Premigration services from IBM Cloud®

Tailor your migration to your needs

Premigration services from IBM are designed to help you determine which workloads would benefit from moving to the cloud. IBM premigration specialists offer consulting skills based on client experiences to guide you toward a successful migration. They help you develop a customized migration plan designed to result in a smooth, efficient cloud adoption.

Use cases

What you can do with premigration services

Choose your topic

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Services cover many migration topics, including cloud affinity, workload analysis and more.

Choose your clouds

Person installing solar panels

Analyze workloads to identify the cloud environments that best meet your business needs.

Choose your services

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Bundle the modular premigration services for a specific solution.

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Next steps

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