Define a value-driven cloud computing strategy

Where are you on your cloud journey? IBM Cloud Advisory Services uses an agile, collaborative approach powered by rigorous analysis tools to help you identify potential cloud opportunities, develop an implementation roadmap and design a cloud environment that is tailored to your business needs. Working with IBM Cloud specialists, you can achieve the outcomes you desire at each stage along your path to the cloud.

Key features

Define your cloud direction icon

Define your cloud direction

Identify new transformation opportunities within your industry.

Build your implementation roadmap icon

Build your implementation roadmap

Strategically align cloud to your business goals and determine the right cloud model.

Determine the optimum delivery approach icon

Determine the optimum delivery approach

Enable business transformation through a targeted cloud delivery model.

Make a business case for maximum value icon

Make a business case for maximum value

Identify linkage to business value and develop cloud cost models and transition plans.

Polish telecom company develops strategy with IBM to expand globally


Accelerated time to market


Cost reduction

Advisory services

Transformation services
Analyze and choose the cloud model most suited for your business

Infrastructure strategy and design
Develop a roadmap for a smoother transition

Workload analysis
Prioritize your workloads for migration based on impact and cost

Strategize for a more efficient migration

Optimize your transformation potential

Cloud transformation services from IBM help you optimize the potential of the cloud for your organization. Skilled IBM specialists lead you through a structured approach designed to result in a realistic framework for cloud adoption. By developing an infrastructure strategy that aligns with your business needs, you can effectively use cloud to drive not just cost savings, but also revenue and growth.

Develop an optimum implementation roadmap for cloud computing

Cloud infrastructure strategy and planning services from IBM can help you analyze your existing environment and determine the right cloud computing model for your business. IBM consultants work with you to identify the business areas and workloads that can enable you to reduce costs and improve service delivery. A detailed roadmap recommends the changes needed to facilitate a smooth transition.

Prioritize workloads for migration to the IBM Cloud

IBM Workload Transformation Analysis for Cloud employs advanced tools and processes to produce a detailed, quantitative analysis of both business applications and infrastructure components. From this analysis, IBM specialists can deliver a prioritized list of suitable workloads for migration to cloud, as well as an analysis showing the potential costs and migration impacts.

Migrate to the cloud with confidence

IBM Cloud Advisory Services also factor in migration considerations. Premigration services help you analyze workloads and cloud platforms to determine where you can achieve optimal value, both now and in the future. With IBM cloud specialists guiding your cloud transformation, you can define your cloud vision and then implement it effectively.

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