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Use insights and automation to optimize performance at the lowest cost and align technology with business value
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Cloud cost management tools from IBM take an application-driven approach to discover your environment and contextualize resourcing data across applications and infrastructure. Software generates trustworthy resourcing actions across compute, storage, DBaaS and Kubernetes that customers can automate to continuously optimize spend and reduce your cloud bill.

IBM completes acquisition of Apptio Inc.

IBM announced successful completion of its acquisition of Apptio Inc., a profitable technology business management and FinOps leader.

Benefits of cloud cost management Help ensure great end-user digital experiences and increase business value in the cloud, all while optimizing cost Provide performance at the lowest cost

Help ensure your applications always get the cloud resources they need to perform while maximizing cost savings. Cloud optimization software that considers metrics and context across compute, storage, DBaaS and Kubernetes allows IT teams to confidently automate and continuously optimize spend across the cloud journey.

Align technology to business value

Optimize IT asset investments through visibility, AI and automation, providing context and insights that optimize the return on software investment and manage risk of noncompliance.

Increase IT productivity

Enable automation to manage application resourcing in real-time to drive continuous performance at the lowest cost and allow your cloud engineering and operations teams to shift their priorities to deliver better experiences for your end users.

Cloud cost management use cases

Optimize hybrid cloud costs Unlike alternative optimization solutions, IBM® Turbonomic® automation can be operationalized to achieve tangible outcomes, including 75% reduction in app performance-related tickets and 247% return on investment (ROI) over three years¹. The platform supports a wide range of public cloud providers including Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Explore cloud cost optimization

Plan for cloud migration Turbonomic software offers easy-to-use cloud migration planning capabilities and dashboards, allowing you to simplify and expedite your cloud migration. Select your workloads and their migration destinations, along with discount pricing and licensing preferences. Turbonomic software then comes up with a cost-effective plan optimized for your cloud service needs. Explore cloud migration planning

Operationalize FinOps With increased public cloud spending, FinOps has emerged as the cloud cost management discipline for organizations looking to optimize cloud computing costs and improve cost visibility. FinOps engineering teams use the Turbonomic platform to operationalize FinOps automation and safely automate and integrate with any organizational workflow. This allows cloud and ITOps teams to take advantage of savings opportunities, cut cloud spend and multiply ROI. Explore FinOps automation

Optimize your Kubernetes environment For your service level objectives (SLOs) to be meaningful, they need to measure what matters: business impact and customer experience. Turbonomic uses container rightsizing, continuous pod moves, and intelligent cluster scaling to determine the right resource allocation actions to ensure your apps get exactly what they need to meet your SLOs. Explore Kuberentes optimization

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