Do more with your IT budget.

Improve service delivery and innovate

Does your IT budget limit your ability to support business transformation?

Not sure which workloads to run in the cloud or on-premise?

Too many ERP, HR or CRM installations across many sites?

Not sure of the benefits?

What are IBM Cloud Managed Services?

IT budgets are slow to grow, yet more is expected from them every year, and scarce expertise is challenged with balancing existing services against the need to help the business innovate and transform.

Take a fresh look at how IT can deliver high quality service levels with the capacity to drive innovation.

IBM Cloud Managed Services delivers a fully managed, production-ready cloud environment designed to provide enterprise-class performance and availability across a global infrastructure with integrated security and data isolation.

When you deploy mission-critical applications with IBM Cloud Managed Services, you tap into the expertise of thousands of cloud specialists who support and optimise key workloads including commerce, HR, analytics, SAP, SAP HANA and Oracle and manage security patching, disaster recovery and incident response. High service levels and safeguarded data and applications are ensured.

Choose the right workload to move to the cloud

Cloud deployment may not be the best choice for every workload. To understand the gains (or pains) of moving your workloads to the cloud, our experts can help you decide which workloads are optimal for Cloud deployment and how Cloud Managed services will enable you to deliver more in your business.


Reduce complexity and cost of delivering Business critical Applications

IBM Cloud for SAP

Build SAP environments on a managed cloud infrastructure to help reduce costs and complexity.

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IBM Cloud for Oracle

Configure Oracle environments on a managed cloud infrastructure to help simplify delivery.

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IBM Cloud for HR, CRM & Commerce

Configure business applications on a managed cloud infrastructure to help simplify delivery.

Is Cloud Managed Services the right Choice for your business?

80% of companies are increasing use of cloud managed Services

Is this the right financial decision for your Business?

IBM Cloud Managed Services can help you move from a CAPEX to an OPEX model and free up IT resources with cost savings of up to 20%.

What are the key financial considerations when engaging an expert partner to deliver cloud-based service v’s an in-house approach.

Video: IBM Cloud Enterprise Application Deployment Overview

Epic Piping builds a multimillion-dollar business in less than 18 months

Jeremy Turner, CIO and CAO of Epic Piping, explains how IBM helped them with a scalable, secure and affordable cloud solution that enabled them to run their business.

How much can you save?

Try our Cost Benefit Calculators.

In 15 minutes, you can estimate your potential savings across key areas, such as system downtime, infrastructure TCO, and time to value.

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