Accelerate business growth with IBM Cloud Managed Services

Reinvest cost savings and drive transformation with an agile, enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure and a choice of managed services

Focus on innovation with a flexible, reliable managed cloud infrastructure

IBM Cloud Managed Services® is a set of services designed for enterprise applications like SAP, delivered on a security-rich, production-ready cloud environment.

With built-in security, including alternate-site disaster recovery for your most critical workloads, you can safeguard your data and applications. And with efficient, automated infrastructure and application management, your IT staff can stay focused on innovation. Additionally, services are available to help you determine the right road map for moving your applications to the cloud so you can achieve the outcomes you desire.

Choose the right workload to move to the cloud

Cloud deployment may not be the best choice for every workload. To understand the gains (or pains) of moving your workloads to the cloud, our experts can help you decide which workloads are optimal for Cloud deployment and how Cloud Managed services will enable you to deliver more in your business.


Is Cloud Managed Services the right Choice for your business?


80% of companies are increasing use of cloud managed services

IBM Cloud Managed Services can help you move from a CAPEX to an OPEX model and Skilled IBM specialists help improve efficiency, delivering cost savings of up to 20 percent versus traditional on-premises.

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Achieve enterprise-class performance and availability

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Support consistent performance with clustering, Active Directory integration and redundant networks.

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Streamline administration with IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) management.

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Global reach
Deploy managed applications globally in more than 50 locations.

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Security rich
Manage compliance with built-in security services and multiple isolation levels.

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Choice of SLAs
Choose the service-level agreement (SLA) you need from the virtual machine to the operating system (OS) and even through the application level.

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OS friendly
Stay agile with support for x86 and IBM Power Systems™ (x86, Linux and IBM AIX®).

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