There are a lot of services which are available only on Cloud, like the cognitive services, Watson services; they are not available on-premise. So if anybody wants to leverage this service...they have no choice but to move onto Cloud, otherwise, their name is out of the race because they’re not leveraging what is coming out latest in the market.

Akhil Hada, Global Technology Lead - Application Platform & API Management, Tata Consultancy Services

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Today's companies need and expect to acquire new capabilities, deploy them to market, and scale them as necessary, more quickly and easily than ever before, explains Akhil Hada, global technology lead of application platform and API management at Tata Consultancy Services. According to Mr. Hada, the cloud is the way forward, but many organizations still need to keep some systems and data on premises.


TCS uses IBM API Management (now API Connect) software to help companies securely and efficiently integrate on-premises and cloud-based systems.


By taking a hybrid cloud approach, companies can have the best of both worlds: maintaining full, on-premises control of certain systems, applications and data; and taking advantage of the efficiency and innovation potential of the cloud.

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