Embracing change
SISA upgrades its infrastructure with IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service
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After more than 28 years of providing solutions to utility companies, gyms and other businesses in Argentina and beyond, Soluciones Integrales SA (SISA) has seen a lot of change.

Everything from the way software is installed to the way it is consumed has evolved rapidly in the years since the company’s founding.

One thing that hasn’t changed is SISA’s commitment to providing its customers the most technologically advanced solutions available. Over the years, the organization has developed its offerings using several different relational databases, including mySQL, Informix and more.

In early 2020, SISA began to notice that running these solutions on dedicated hardware was becoming a challenge. Not only was SISA’s client base growing—so was the level of complexity and detail each client required.

Business longevity


SISA has been in business for more than 28 years

Faster cloud migrations


The company moved its back-end operations to IBM Cloud in < 6 months

To keep our customers happy, we must be able to absorb growth seamlessly. Kubernetes facilitates that by making it easy to increase hardware. Gabriel Nitz Vice President Soluciones Integrales SA

So when Gabriel Nitz, Vice President at SISA, suggested that the organization consider moving to a Kubernetes environment, his fellow executives were in strong agreement. “Scalability is extremely important to us. To keep our customers happy, we must be able to absorb growth seamlessly. Kubernetes facilitates that by making it easy to increase hardware,” explains Nitz.

After considering several alternatives, SISA selected the IBM Cloud® Kubernetes Service to support its move toward containerization.

Moving it all to cloud

With the IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service, SISA can deploy and operate as many Kubernetes clusters as it needs, without having to configure or download new software. In addition to enabling SISA to spin up new clusters quickly and seamlessly as needed, this managed offering also gives the company access to cutting-edge open-source computing capabilities in a security-rich environment.

While SISA was in the midst of making its move to Kubernetes, the COVID-19 pandemic struck, making it both difficult and dangerous for work to occur in person. SISA’s new relationship with IBM Cloud proved fortuitous, as it made the decision to move the company’s back-end applications to the IBM Cloud environment easy.

However, SISA’s back end is just as technologically diverse as its external offerings. Nitz explains: “Some of the applications we’re moving are very new and easy to move to the cloud, but others require special servers. We’re taking a very strategic approach.” .

Part of that approach involves the ISO 9000 standards. “All of our processes will be standardized according to ISO 9000. We need to register and certify each one, and we must make sure that our systems are available 100% of the time. That slows the migration down a bit, but we still expect to be done in less than six months,” he says.

We are considering becoming a completely virtual company now. Our relationship with the IBM Cloud team makes that a definite possibility. Gabriel Nitz Vice President Soluciones Integrales SA
Staying current

Moving to the IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service has done more than prepare SISA for continued growth. The new approach to development also saves money, because SISA only pays for the compute power it needs. And with support from the professionals on the IBM Cloud team, SISA can be confident it is always using the best, most current technology and practices available.

In fact, the company is considering making another key change to its business model soon. “The pandemic changed our minds and our strategy in many ways,” explains Nitz. “We are considering becoming a completely virtual company now. Our relationship with the IBM Cloud team makes that a definite possibility.”

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About Soluciones Integrales SA

Founded in 1992, SISA (link resides outside of ibm.com) provides software solutions and related management and support services for gyms, utility companies, telecom providers and others throughout South America. The company is based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and has approximately 40 employees.

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