With the partnership with IBM, we’ve entered on a journey where we cannot see the end. But it is going to be a very inspiring journey and it’s going to be the starting point of an exciting event.

Paul Smits, Chief Financial Officer, Port of Rotterdam

Business Challenge

Realization of an IoT platform in the port of Rotterdam, called their “Smart Infrastructure Platfrom”. The aim of this platform is to let all IoT cases related to Smart Infrastructure land on this platform to be able to be the smartest port in the world and have ships sailing autonomously in the port by 2030.


The first use case implemented is a replacement of the existing hydro meteo application where sensor data from existing sensors is harvest through Cisco IoX Edge routers and stored in the Watson IoT platform. With smart algorithms, streaming analytics and dashboards data is analysed and viewed to the users and alarms are generated.

Solution Component

  • AI/Watson