Bank of Ayudhya Public Company Ltd (Krungsri)

Leverages cloud to innovate and become a digital banking leader

Krungsri leverages cloud to transform its technology infrastructure to support its digital transformation vision.

Business challenge

Krungsri wants to transform its infrastructure to achieve its goal of becoming one of the most innovative financial institutions in the country. 


To transform Krungsri’s technology infrastructure, IBM accelerates its journey to cloud by helping Krungsri build a secure and resilient cloud enabled infrastructure, migrate to and manage a hybrid cloud environment which will result in:

Results Accelerated application development Extended security posture to applications running on cloud Optimised cost, assets and utilization centrally
Business challenge story
An IT partner to drive technology transformation

As one of Thailand's largest universal banks in terms of assets, loans and deposits, Krungsri's goal is to be one of the most innovative financial institutions in the country, having announced its strategic plan towards becoming a digital banking leader.

Krungsri is working towards creating a technology infrastructure that is cloud enabled, secure and resilient to support mobile banking, artificial intelligence, digital banking and plans for digitalization and automation to streamline its customer service and operations.


Our customers expect a personalised banking service without going to a bank. Voranuch Dejakaisaya Chief Information and Operations Officer Bank of Ayudhya Public Company Ltd
Transformation story
Cloud-enabled technology transformation to drive innovation

As a long-term IT partner of Krungsri, IBM has been delivering many solutions and services to Krungsri to support the bank's future roadmap for growth and focus on digital banking.

IBM and Krungsri first began working together in 2012 to focus on infrastructure as a service. In 2017, completed a successful block-chain pilot aimed at streamlining the bank's contract management.

Krungsri exchanges a high number of banking contracts agreements daily between its subsidiaries, and the IBM blockchain pilot improves efficiencies of these 'related party transactions' by automating contract management and promoting an increased level of trust between all parties. This process makes it more secure, transparent, faster and efficient.

The extended collaboration between IBM and Krungsri in 2018 covers managed services across IBM mainframe z14 and storage including Flash, servers, network and ATMs. The partnership is designed to provide Krungsri's technology platform with both stability and the ability to build out cloud-ready infrastructure to support its digital transformation vision.

Krungsri engages IBM to transform to a cloud-enabled technology infrastructure. Krungsri has chosen to adopt AWS public cloud and is looking for a partner to help with migration and a hybrid cloud management system that is open and not wed to just one cloud platform. IBM will help Krungsri migrate applications to AWS, implement and support DevOps Tool Chain to accelerate application development and provide managed services for AWS specifically around hybrid cloud management, including operations management, cost and asset management and an enhanced security posture in cloud.

As we continue to progress on digital innovation, considered one of our key strategic thrusts, technological collaborations with our partner have resulted in business platform enrichments through the integration of innovative technologies such as AI, cloud, and blockchain onto our operations and service platforms. This not only helps to position Krungsri as a leading digital bank but also concurrently enables us to provide greater value for our customers. Seiichiro Akita President and Chief Executive Officer Krungsri
Results story
Building a secure cloud-ready infrastructure to enhance the digital banking

Through the long-standing partnership with IBM, Krungsri has achieved many milestones and has now embarked on an extended partnership on the next plateau of computing – cloud. Once implemented Krungsri is expected to reap the following benefits:

  • Automated orchestration and provisioning with enterprise integration
  • Ability to centrally manage cost, assets and utilization
  • Ability to extend current application security model (perimeter security) to the applications running on cloud
  • Ability to accelerate application development using Born on the Cloud Tool Chains
We are building a secure cloud-ready infrastructure to enhance the digital banking service. Pochara Vanaratseath Project Executive IBM
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About Bank of Ayudhya Public Company Ltd (Krungsri)

Bank of Ayudhya Public Company Limited (Krungsri) (link resides outside of, branded and commonly referred to as Krungsri, is the fifth largest financial group in Thailand in terms of assets, loans, and deposits, and is one of Thailand's Domestic Systemically Important Banks (D-SIBs) with 73 years of history in the country. Krungsri is a strategic member of the Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG), Japan's largest financial group and one of the world's largest financial organizations. Krungsri provides a comprehensive range of banking, consumer finance, investment, asset management, and other financial products and services to individual consumers, SMEs, and large corporations through 700 branches (663 banking branches and 37 auto business branches) and over 35,000 service outlets nationwide. The Krungsri Group is the largest card issuer in Thailand with 8.6 million credit cards, sales finance, and personal loan accounts in its portfolio; a major automobile financing service provider (Krungsri Auto); one of the fastest growing asset management companies (Krungsri Asset Management); and a pioneer in microfinance (Ngern Tid Lor). Krungsri is strongly committed to the highest level of integrity in conducting its business. All Krungsri Group companies have been awarded accreditation from the Private Sector Collective Action Coalition Against Corruption (CAC) in collaboration with industry peers and stakeholders on a zero-tolerance approach to corruption.

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