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Kosei Securities and IBM
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Kosei Securities Co., Ltd., founded in 1961 by Goro Tatsumi as an independent general securities company in the financial market, has been actively involved in the handling of a wide range of financial products and derivatives transactions. With the aim of improving the efficiency and optimizing the securities business, the company developed and has been using KICS, a core business system, for many years, and has accumulated its know-how.

The launch of the IBM Cloud®-based cloud service, KICS Cloud, is designed to provide a reliable, scalable system for securities companies. With the help of MONO-X, KICS's service competitiveness has been greatly improved with APIs and cloud drift using IBM® Power® Virtual Server technology.

KICS Cloud is an all-in-one system that covers all securities business functions from front office to back office. The system is flexible and customizable, enabling the delivery of custom-made services to meet the needs of customers. It is also characterized by its support for almost all financial products, including domestic and foreign stocks, futures trading and stock options, and investment trusts. With IBM Cloud, companies can build infrastructure faster, reduce upfront costs, and gain operational flexibility—all while helping customers solve their business challenges.

Support for mission-critical systems

In the operation of the KICS Cloud, Kosei Securities has adopted a variety of IBM technologies by applying solutions such as IBM i and IBM MQ. In particular, IBM i, which supports the core of the system, has long been favored as the cornerstone of mission-critical core systems for securities operations because it has been designed for stability. IBM i offers a wide range of benefits, including backward compatibility, security-rich features and an intuitive operation, and it provides cost savings to KICS customers. And with high service levels in the financial industry, technologies like IBM MQ are essential to help ensure a stable exchange of data.

Use of IBM Cloud and API integration for a true cloud shift

In particular, the flexible infrastructure configuration change capabilities of IBM Cloud and the MONO-X API-Bridge enable improved customer interfaces and rapid deployment of new services. The solution facilitates API integration, which is the standard in the securities industry, and improves the efficiency of business processes. For example, it is now easier to run the margin calculation API and to federate systems such as the file storage box.

The MONO-X service, PVS One, was used to operate IBM i on Power Virtual Server, a cloud environment. The adoption of Power Virtual Server supports the building and migration of environments faster and with more flexibility than with traditional on-premises environments to meet customer infrastructure needs. IBM i cloud Lift offers significant benefits for customers who focus on reliability and application asset inheritance, as well as an energy saving product for the age of the SDGs.

In this way, the adoption of IBM technology and MONO-X's knowledge of it have helped KICS Cloud to solve multiple problems: stable operation, cost reductions for customers, and addressing environmental issues. Running on a trusted platform, KICS Cloud is a key foundation for accelerating the digital transformation of securities operations.

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About Kosei Securities Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1961 by Goro Tatsumi, Kosei Securities (link resides outside of ibm.com) is an independent general securities company in the financial market that has been actively involved in the handling of a wide range of financial products and derivatives transactions.

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About MONO-X

MONO-X (link resides outside of ibm.com) envisions enhancing supply chains by modernizing system integration between and within companies. By combining IBM i core systems with new technologies, MONO-X supports business transformation and with extensive experience in production use, MONO-X specializes in IBM i API integration and provides PVS One for PowerVS users.

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