The edge computing solution we developed—which uses real-time data from medical sensors and runs on IBM Cloud—reduces the time required to identify at-risk infants by up to several hours. And the fact that it’s 75% accurate in detecting severe sepsis, generating less than one false alarm per week, keeps doctors focused on where it matters most.

Dr. David Van Laere, Founder of Innocens BV and neonatologist, Antwerp University Hospital

Business Challenge

One of the key challenges for neonatologists—those who care for newborns—is how to better detect when premature infants are at risk of sepsis, an infection of the bloodstream. To catch it early—and avoid complications and potentially death—Innocens wanted to use AI to speed time to diagnoses and treatment of sepsis.


Working with a team of IBM data scientists and developers, Innocens developed an edge computing solution that captures and analyzes real-time vital signs using machine learning models. The solution provides doctors with highly accurate predictions of when infants are showing the risk factor patterns for sepsis.


Solution Category

  • Cloud