Business challenge

After consolidating the infrastructure of 11 of its affiliates into a single data center, Hana Financial Group needed a better way to manage more than 100 service and maintenance contracts.


Hana Financial Group engaged IBM Services – Technology Support to provide Integrated Multivendor Support Services, with a single point of contact to address all of the group’s support needs.


Reduced maintenance costs

by 3% due to process standardization

83% decrease

in time spent waiting for replacement parts

Consolidates over 100 bills

into a single bill, reducing the overhead required for vendor management

Business challenge story

Simplifying maintenance

Hana Financial Group had recently consolidated the infrastructure and resources of 11 of its affiliates at a local IBM data center. However, the business was left with more than 100 service and maintenance contracts that needed to be reviewed and renewed periodically. These contracts also involved 100 separate bills that Hana Financial Group had to manage. Managing such a large volume of bills was cumbersome and sometimes resulted in late payments. The group wanted to improve efficiency and eliminate the overhead involved with managing these contracts by consolidating its heterogeneous IT systems and data storage systems under more consistent processes.

Transformation story

Creating consistent processes

Hana Financial Group engaged IBM Services – Technology Support to provide Integrated Multivendor Support Services. The IBM Services group in Korea helped the business standardize and unify the IT maintenance systems of 11 of its affiliates, using proven project management processes for service delivery, vendor management and reporting. The IBM multivendor support team works directly at the Hana Financial Group office and can therefore take a proactive approach to maintenance, identifying potential issues before they cause downtime.

Under the contract, the IBM team provides a single point of contact for the group’s multivendor datacenter. The IBM team also provides a single contract and consolidated invoices, which simplifies administration and equipment maintenance processes.

The IBM group also stocks frequently used parts at the group’s remote data center to minimize repair times in the event that a replacement part is needed.

The IBM team provides a call management solution to help address system errors. The call management solution provides insight into the problem handling and vendor management processes from the time the issue is reported until it is resolved. The IBM group has also implemented a project management office, which provides immediate responses to the group’s questions, helps coach the group on IT issues and helps to redefine governance, rescue and recovery operations with the Hana Financial Group staff.

Results story

Improving efficiency

By engaging IBM Services – Technology Support to provide integrated multivendor support, Hana Financial Group expects to reduce operating costs by approximately 3 percent. Further, the client has improved the efficiency of its vendor management processes by 30 percent by consolidating them with the IBM group. The IBM team has consolidated more than 100 bills into a single bill, which significantly reduces overhead. Because the IBM team responds quickly to issues, Hana Financial Group has improved its system stability and minimized unplanned downtime. For example, in the past, if the group needed a replacement part, it waited more than an hour for the part to arrive.  But because the IBM group stocks frequently needed parts on-site, Hana receives the parts it needs within 10 minutes, a decrease of 83 percent.  

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Hana Financial Group

Founded in 1971, Hana Financial Group is a financial holding company that provides a range of products and services. The business is headquartered in Seoul, Korea, and employs more than 12,300 people. The group’s subsidiaries include KEB Hana Bank, KEB Hana Card, Hana Life, Hana Capital, Hana Asset Trust, Hana Investors Services, Hana Financial Investment and Hana Savings Bank.

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