Setting a new standard for customer support
Generali Poland works with TUATARA to build a virtual assistant powered by IBM watsonx that automatically answers 97% of customer queries
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Insurance can be an incredibly complex business – but delivering exceptional customer care requires keeping things as simple as possible. To provide its customers with quick and convenient support, Generali Poland decided to put artificial intelligence (AI) at the heart of online interaction.

Modernizing customer support

Generali Poland helps people and businesses to protect the things that they care about the most.

Faced with rising numbers of customers and support requests, the insurer recognized that its traditional approach to customer interaction was holding teams back from providing the best possible service experience.

Generali Poland found that customer consultants were spending most of their time fielding simple and repetitive queries, and managing relatively straightforward claims and policy changes. With this in mind, the insurer set out to find a solution that could speed up support processes – offering customers faster answers to the most common questions and empowering consultants to focus their full attention on more complex cases.

  120+ automated responses to frequent customer enquiries >97% of customer conversations now automatically handled by chatbot 120 hours of customer consultant time saved per month


We were looking for a solution that would provide an innovative, but also a comprehensive way of communication. Our goal was to offer our customers genuinely useful support and a unique digital experience. Sebastian Michałowski User Experience Development and Innovation Director Generali Poland
Answering the call

Generali Poland turned to consulting and technology experts TUATARA to help reimagine its customer service experience. In just a month, TUATARA was able to turn the company’s needs into a working solution: Leon, a virtual assistant built with ( from TUATARA, itself based on IBM watsonx Assistant. The chatbot’s name is a reference to the lion in Generali’s logo.

Using IBM’s deep learning, machine learning, and natural language processing (NLP) models – trained on data from the insurer’s contact center – Leon can quickly understand customer questions and return relevant, helpful answers. Available 24/7 on the Generali Poland website, the chatbot can automatically answer more than 120 common customer support scenarios and FAQs, covering topics related to claims, damages, new policies, and more. Leon also knows its limits: when it receives a query that it can’t answer on its own, the virtual assistant seamlessly channels the conversation to a human agent for prompt resolution.

Leon also constantly learns from users as they navigate the company’s website. The chatbot observes and reacts to user behavior in real time; for instance, it can advise users on different insurance products and help them fill in application forms.

Customer service made smarter

Leon’s impact has been immediate and impressive. One month after launching the new virtual assistant, Generali Poland had registered 2.5 times more customer interactions with the chatbot than on previous chats with human consultants.

Today, Leon handles more than 97 percent of customer conversations, without requiring any redirection to human agents. It has supercharged customer service efficiency, allowing Generali Poland to save around 120 person-hours monthly and shorten customer consultants’ working time by one hour a day. Now that they’ve been freed from handling routine queries, consultants are able to focus their expertise on solving more nuanced and interesting cases – making their work more engaging and enriching the company’s customer relationships.

Leon continues to evolve into new areas of expertise. Generali Poland is working with TUATARA to integrate the solution with more internal systems and to expand its knowledge base, so it can provide even more comprehensive support, such as checking a customer’s claims status or policy number. The ultimate aim is for Leon to become the single point of support for common customer queries across all areas of the insurer’s business.

Sebastian Michałowski, Experience Development and Innovation Director, Generali Poland concludes: “Our plans for the future are very ambitious. We strive for a fully self-service bot that will be a fast, mobile and interactive version of the customer portal. With its help, customers will be able to find out everything about their policies or claims and update their information.”

Currently, Leon efficiently manages around 6,500 conversations monthly, with its capabilities serving as the central pillar of our ongoing development efforts to enhance customer service quality and deliver comprehensive, 24/7 real-time support. Sebastian Michałowski User Experience Development and Innovation Director Generali Poland
About Generali Poland

Generali Poland is a part of Generali Group - one of the largest global insurance and asset management providers. Generali in Poland provides its customers comprehensive insurance offers at every stage of their lives: from P&C, such as car insurance, home insurance, and business insurance through life insurance, both individual and group, to pension and investment funds.  Generali Poland offers its products under three brands: in addition to Generali, these include Proama, which provides a wide selection of property insurance, and Generali Agro, which specializes in insurance for agriculture.

Generali Poland aims at long-term cooperation with clients by providing comprehensive protection of their assets at every stage of their lives.

Generali Poland
TUATARA logo to be used in Generali Poland case study

TUATARA brings together consulting and technology expertise to create outstanding customer experiences. Based in Warsaw, Poland, TUATARA has been delivering ground-breaking projects in telecommunications, financial services and marketing since 2014.

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