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To eliminate ongoing IT challenges, Climava worked with IBM Business Partner 3Hold Technologies to migrate its SAP ERP environment to IBM Cloud®. The security-rich and stable cloud environment enabled Climava to manage customer requests and jobs more efficiently while positioning it for easier future growth.

Business Challenge

Climava faced compounding challenges with its aging on-premises IT infrastructure. System outages delayed projects and responses to customer requests, while management costs ballooned.


Climava moved its SAP environment and internal processes to IBM Cloud. The stable, scalable cloud environment allowed the Climava team to focus on improving customer service and growing the business.

Results Supports near 100% uptime
to keep projects moving forward and clients happy
Improves employee productivity
by allowing them to connect from any location
Controls IT costs
by providing the predictability of pay-as-you-go pricing
Business challenge story
Hitting a wall

When it comes to carrying out construction and maintenance work in places like hospitals, data centers and hotels, complexity is inherent. Climava’s work not only requires specialized expertise, but efficient job orchestration and organizational flexibility are critical. The construction, engineering and maintenance firm sets itself apart with a skilled core team. It prides itself on its ability to deliver high-quality work while meeting tight timelines on large-scale projects.

From updating HVAC systems in operating rooms in a Barcelona surgical center to modernizing utility systems in a luxury hotel in Budapest; from deploying equipment at the MareNostrum supercomputer in the in the Barcelona Supercomputing Center to installing an inflatable hangar in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Climava’s work spans industries and the globe.

To hit quality, efficiency and business goals, Climava manages the wide range of variables and logistics for every project in an SAP ERP solution. Climava ran SAP on its own on-premises systems and employed staff to maintain its infrastructure. As Climava grew and raced to keep up with projects and fast-changing client needs, however, its aging computing systems became an increasingly costly and difficult-to-manage liability.

Between system outages and security concerns, stress levels in Climava were rising. System downtime was delaying job bids and complicating project execution. And ongoing issues with backups left the company at risk of critical data losses. Given the ongoing management challenges and the high costs of regular infrastructure upgrades and specialized IT staff, Climava wanted to try something new.

Rather than looking for a solution provider, Climava sought a technology partner. Climava’s goal was to find a company it, and the other companies in its group, could trust to continually manage their IT environments and needs. Based on a recommendation from an advisor, Climava decided to partner with 3Hold Technologies, a consulting group that specializes in SAP and cloud.

Efficiency and quality are critical in Climava’s complex project work. Our IBM Cloud solution lets us focus on what matters to our business. Gisela Valderrama CEO Climava
Transformation story
A better foundation

While Climava was eager for a new IT approach, it also wanted to ensure that whatever it did next would be a good bet for the long term. After talking through options with 3Hold Technologies, Climava opted to migrate its SAP environment to IBM Cloud. The choice boiled down to confidence in 3Hold Technologies’ SAP expertise and the reputation of IBM for securely managing enterprise workloads.

Climava recognized that a managed platform would eliminate ongoing tech-related worries while giving it more freedom to focus on business-critical initiatives. By handing the planning and migration over to 3Hold Technologies, Climava accelerated the process. Now the entirety of Climava’s IT systems and processes, as well as those of all of its group companies, run on IBM Cloud.

3Hold Technologies followed its proven processes to deliver a seamless migration, starting with setting up the entire SAP environment on IBM Cloud infrastructure. Early steps included building a “sandbox” to demonstrate the feasibility of the migration to the Climava team.

Once Climava was ready to move forward, 3Hold Technologies first migrated Climava’s development environment. Starting with the development environment provided Climava a chance to validate the solution and better understand the time and process implications of migrating the production environment.

Then, 3Hold Technologies migrated the production environment in just eight hours, without Climava experiencing any production issues. In the final step, 3Hold Technologies converted the sandbox environment into a quality assurance system.

Between the experience of 3Hold Technologies with SAP migrations and IBM’s reputation for security and reliability on its managed platforms, we knew we would be in good hands. But the transition to the cloud was even more seamless than expected. Gisela Valderrama CEO Climava
Results story
Restored confidence and rapid response times

With its SAP environment now on IBM Cloud on a platform certified by SAP, Climava can focus its energy on meeting client needs. Since migrating to IBM Cloud, the company has not experienced any downtime or backup or security issues; worries about system outages derailing project work are gone. Employees can connect to the platform from virtually anywhere, improving overall productivity and further enhancing customer service.

Overall, the move to IBM Cloud not only simplifies growth-related IT challenges for Climava, but it helps to control costs. For example, the company added a disaster recovery solution for its SAP environment without the costs and challenges associated with investing in another data center. Furthermore, with its development environment now in the cloud, Climava no longer needs to run its servers around the clock and can instead deploy them only as needed, resulting in cost savings. Finally, the pay-as-you-go pricing model enables Climava to more accurately predict IT spend.

Virtually every one of our processes now runs on IBM Cloud and we can see a clear difference in performance … We use a web application combined with SAP ERP to compile and send quotes and we’re getting them out five times faster than before. Gisela Valderrama CEO Climava
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About Climava

Headquartered in Barcelona, Spain, Climava (link resides outside provides construction, installation and maintenance solutions throughout Spain, the European Union and beyond. The company relies on a large, specialized team to build, upgrade and maintain office buildings, hospitals, data centers and other complex projects. An in-house engineering team enables Climava to handle large-scale projects from blueprint creation through to completion. And the company’s combined capabilities enable it to work faster than competitors who need to subcontract employees and specialties.

About 3Hold Technologies

IBM Business Partner 3Hold Technologies is a technology consulting company specializing in retail, SAP and cloud computing services. It has offices in in Barcelona and Canarias, Spain, and it employs more than 50 people worldwide.

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