We had an aha moment when we realized that being able to work with the bare metal services that IBM Cloud provides to us, yielded a 20% performance improvement over other cloud-based solutions to do similar types of activities like training predictive models on such a large dataset as we have to deal with at Clarify.

Todd Gottula, CTO, Clarify Health Solutions

Business Challenge

Healthcare systems can be quite fragmented, confusing, and at times frustrating. What’s needed is a way for physicians to confidently provide patients with an end-to-end roadmap of care on the first visit, paving the way for a much more streamlined and efficient approach for managing care.


Clarify Health developed solutions to these challenges. The digital platform delivers insights to optimize the clinical workflows by seamlessly integrating advanced analytics, machine learning, real-time patient navigation and smart workflows. This empowers physicians, health systems and payers to guide patients through dynamically updated care journeys.

Solution Component

  • Cloud